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Fiat Chrysler To Spin Off Ferrari But Retain Maserati Because Maserati Is A Better Car.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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During my morning ritual of listening to an hour of CNBC financial news while lying in bed, drinking coffee and reading ‘stuff’ on my 10.2″ Le Pan pad, I heard on Wednesday morning that Fiat Chrysler intends to spin off Ferrari as a separate company. Made sense to me. Ferrari owners must be fed up of hearing jokes that their $300K is nothing but a souped up Fiat.

Just wished that I had had the foresight to own Fiat Chrysler shares before this announcement. I might toy with looking into getting a couple of shares in the new Ferrari company. Though I have driven in one once that will be about as close to Ferrari as I will ever get. If nothing else the ground clearance on Ferrari’s just don’t lend themselves to dirt roads like the one that I live on.

Then I heard one of the CNBC clowns claiming that Fiat Chrysler was keeping Maserati because it was a better brand. I cannot comment on that. I do not know either of these makes BUT it put in mind something that I am more familiar with: Rolex vs. Ebel.

Ebel, hands down, is a better timekeeper than Rolex. But nobody in the U.S. other than the true cognoscenti have heard of Ebel. So Ebel, other than in the right circles, has no status, cachet, in the U.S. So folks buy and wear Rolexes.

Well to me that is what it boils down to with Ferrari and Maserati. Ferrari has the ‘pulling power’. Maserati will only be appreciated by the experts. Offering a young lady a ride in your Maserati, in most U.S. cities, probably bar L.A., will probably be misunderstood to you trying to be crude. But you say Ferrari — and you are all set.

So Rolex vs. Ebel. Ferrari vs. Maserati.

Now I remembered. I really must keep an eye out for a real cheap Ebel. 

In Praise Of ‘Home Depot’ And Their Honoring Of The ‘Kwikset’ Door Lock Lifetime Warranty.

homedepotlogoAnura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


Anura Guruge

kwikset-commonwealth-lever-keyed-entry-satin-nickel-740chl-15-4This house, when we bought it new in March 2007, came with Kwikset door hardware, on every door. At first we didn’t give it much thought. This was the 7th house I had owned in the U.S. and for the world of me I cannot remember what kind of locks the other six houses had. And there must have been a reason for that. I cannot remember ever having any real issues with the locks in any of the other houses.

Alas not so with the Kwikset locks. After about a year we started running into the problem that the handles of the most used door would become lose and with that it would become hard, and them impossible, to lock the doors. To the credit of the builders they left us with instructions for everything that was in the house. So I found the instructions to the locks and with it the necessary ‘magic’ Allen key. So basically with all the Kwikset locks we have the handles need to be tightened, on a regular basis — and if the handles are lose the cylinder on the locked units will seize-up refusing to turn. The ‘magic’ Allen key got pride of place in the kitchen. I used it often, particularly on the doors to the garage and outside. Yes, without questions, the kids and dogs were hard on the handles. In time I had tightened the locks so much that the screws started to disintegrate as did various metal parts inside the lock. Deanna had started to hate the locks. She wanted me to get some better ones.

So about 3 years ago I went to Home Depot to look at alternate locks. An HD Associate happened to see me, in the aisle, studying locks and came to ask me if I needed help. I told him I needed something to replace my garbage Kwikset locks. He told me, at once, that I was wrong. He assured me that Kwikset locks were good and moreover they came with a lifetime warranty! That was news to me. I explained to him that this wouldn’t help me since I did not have the receipts for the original locks. He amazed me. He said, “no matter, just bring them in”! I was shocked. I like Home Depot. I only shop Lowes for lights. Home Depot is good. But this was beyond my expectations.

Well, I don’t take chances with stuff like this. I got the Associates name and found out when he would be at the store for the remainder of the week. A few days later I arrived with a broken lock, in pieces, in a plastic bag. I asked the front desk to call the Associate. They did, all the time eyeing my plastic bag with suspicion. When the Associate arrived he was as good as he had said. He took me to the aisle, we picked a replacement, he showed me how ‘Smart Key’ would enable me to rekey it myself and then took me back to the front so that I could walk out with my new lock — albeit with a receipt, a box or any paperwork. he said he needed the box because he would use it to return the damaged one that I had brought in.

I was happy, but, at the same time, a bit concerned. It seemed a bit too ad hoc for my liking. I wasn’t sure whether I would have had this luck if I had spoken with another associate. Well that was 3 years ago.

The earlier this week I had two locks go. Metal bits just broke off. I wasn’t sure what to do. I called up Home Depot and asked for Hardware. Got an associate. Much to my joy he reiterated what I had heard 3 years ago. Bring in the locks we will give you new ones. I took the precaution of getting his name and his store hours for Saturday. Then I managed to squeeze in a quick run to Home Depot on Saturday, in between Teischan’s multiple ballet lessons. I asked for the Associate. The rest is history. I got two new locks — but again with no box, no receipt, o paperwork.

Installing them was not hard. I had taken enough of them apart by now. The ‘Smart Key’ technology works and works well though it scares me. I have visions, given my luck, that I would end up in a state when neither key works, though the instructions do include a section of how to get out of that jam. Devanee helped me with the locks. She read the ‘Smart Key’ instructions, step-by-step, and told me what to do. It is amazing how quick it is.

So, I am very happy with and grateful to Home Depot. I have two new locks.

But, I am also a bit unhappy. Not sure what will happen when I NEXT need a new lock — as will be inevitable. Just wish that there was a more rigorous return policy than what I appear to have encountered.

You will notice that I have not mentioned stores. That was intentional.

So that is where we are. Very happy with Home Depot. Not so much with Kwikset. But I thought that this might help some of you since I have seen people throwing conniptions about not being able to get Kwikset to honor the warranty. I am 100% sure that Kwikset would not have helped me. And that is the sad part.

I Get A 5th Picture On VisitNH.gov, The Official State Tourism Site.

4th picture on October 21.

Anura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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Click to ENLARGE. It is worth enlarging. Use link below to access “VisitNH.gov”.

Link to access VisitNH — click.

In my honorary capacity as an official ‘Leaf Peeper
for the State partly because I am a
Granite State Ambassador‘ (GSA)
I have to submit two reports a week.
Though optional I include some pictures when I can.

The 4th pictures over the last 3 weeks.

Yes, it amuses me because I just got back into photography
after a 30 year hiatus, with a real cheap refurbished camera,
at the end of August.

Got My 2014 – 2015 Flu Shot, Trivalent IIV From Novartis At The Alton, N.H., Hannaford Pharmacy By Senate Hopeful Richard Leonard.

flueshotAnura Guruge, June 8, 2013.


by Anura Guruge

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I got my flu shot, for this winter, on Saturday, October 18, 2014, at the Hannaford Pharmacy. It was a spur of the moment decision, pretty typical of me. Yes, I was going to get a flu shot this year, as I had for the last 3 years, but I hadn’t really thought about when I would get it. Saturday afternoon around 3pm I was at Hannaford with Devanee. I just picked her up after she got back to school from a NH State cross-country meet. We needed some odds and ends. Our friend Richard Leonard, of ‘Miller Farms‘ and hopefully soon a NH Senator, was on duty. They, for a change, were not mobbed. I did need to talk to Richard. Plus we needed a couple of his “Elect Richard Leonard” signs for our yard to keep the Ray Howard signs company. While talking to Richard it occurred to me that I might as well get my flu shot and get it over with.

Richard, as ever, always trying to be helpful, was happy to oblige.norvatis11

For the 3rd time in a row I got my flu shot at Hannafords, in Alton — for the 2nd time Richard Leonard. It really was painless on all fronts.

The last two years I had to pay because I had the stupid, NH Health Plan. This year Anthem, to their credit, paid for it all. Zero cost to me. I am impressed. I have started to have a grudging respect for Anthem. I might even stay with them in 2015.

Getting ‘the shot’ is a BIG change of heart for me. Prior to 2011 I refused to get the shot and have the kids get it. But then in November 2010 I nearly died though much of that had to do with some cavalier treatment I got from Dartmouth-Hitchcock (Concord). [Ironically this afternoon I helped Deanna file a formal complaint about them, to the NH Board of Medicine, about them. I also JUST found that THOUGH they call themselves Dartmouth-Hitchcock they are not really that affiliated with the mothership in Lebanon! Some deception going on here. But that is another story, another post down the road.] I, at the urging of many, a few of them doctors, agreed to get the flu shot after that — plus i am getting up there.

As with last year what I was inoculated with was the Trivalent IIV vaccine. Today I went looking to see what it was all about. See below [click to ENLARGE. From the CDC.] Fingers crossed. Hope this post helps.




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