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Dynamic Ceramic in Gilford, NH

by Anura Guruge

We went to Dynamic Ceramic in Gilford, at their new location, yesterday, October 10, 2011. As ever it was fun and to me a blast-from-the-past.

In the last 1990s I used to go there often with my then young son — who is now 19. He made at least a dozen pieces, some large and intricate like a working lighthouse. We still have most of the pieces. A ‘mom-and-pup’ Golden Retriever piece he made for me, given my known penchant for Goldens, still sits on my desk, underneath my main monitor (even as I write this post).

This time around I took my 11 year old and the 5 year old — yesterday being the 11 year old’s birthday. (Yes, she was 10 on 10-10-10 and made the local paper). I am glad I went. The owner, Cindi, is still the same and as helpful as ever. Yes, prices have gone up over the years. But, most likely we will start going back — but probably not as often as we did in the 90s.


Sandwich Fair, Saturday, October 8, 2011

by Anura Guruge

We have been going to ‘The Fair,‘ without fail, rain or shine, for over a decade. It is a family tradition.

So on Saturday we set off, extra early, and got there by 8:30 am, the earliest, ever, for us. Though it was a glorious day, sunny and warm (with the forecast saying it would only get better), we thought it didn’t feel as crowded as we were used to. We just thought that it was because it was so early.

We, as ever, had a great time. It was fun. We left around 4 pm, and again commented that it didn’t feel as busy as we remembered from past years.

Today, in the local paper, the Laconia Daily Sun, we read that the attendance for Saturday and Sunday broke all records — all three days of this Columbus Weekend being just glorious. That is good. Just didn’t feel that busy to us — and we attributed that to the economy (with entrance for adults now at $10).

We also go the Highland Games without fail, even dodging hurricanes, and have done so since 1998. Which day we go depends on weather, other commitments etc. Of late, with a youngster in tow, we tend to avoid the Saturday because it gets too busy. This year we went on Sunday — again, the weather could not have been better. As with Sandwich we felt that the numbers were down, but, granted it was the Sunday and we don’t know what Saturday was like.

We also, for the last few years, go to see the Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey circus in Manchester annually — always going to the last show on Sunday so that we can stay behind and watch the elephants being walked to the train through the main streets. There were lost of empty seats — actually complete sections of the arena that were empty.

So just some reference on how the economy might be impacting local, much loved NH events.