Daily Archives: February 24, 2012

Using WordPress To Help Us With Homeschooling In NH

Per yesterday’s post, we are now committed to homeschooling our 5th grade daughter as of Monday, February 27, 2012 (notwithstanding February vacation). We received some of the NH paperwork and I have about 35 books on order.

From the onset I realized that it is incumbent upon us to maintain a meticulous log of what we are doing in terms of homeschooling: what she is reading, what she was taught, what worksheets she completed etc. etc.

I was thinking about how best to keep this log. Then it struck me, a private WordPress blog.

To me, the beauty of keeping the log on a private WordPress blog is that I do not have to worry about backing it up (keeping copies) — or being able to access it from anywhere in NH (let alone the world).
[It can only be accessed by me, my wife and daughter using an userid/password. So it is perfect.]

Plus, banging things into a blog is the most natural thing to me. Yes, blogging, in my old age, is one of my few vices. I spend at least 30 minutes a day blogging (and I just counted … I own over 37 blogs … many as yet unpopulated … on subjects ranging from standup paddle boards to papal pets (not to mention clerical hats) … with a combined average hit count of ~1,000 hits/day). So, if I can maintain the homeschooling records on WordPress, I know that it will get done!

I also, so as not to use this NH blog, set up a ‘Home School NH‘ blog.

[The 11 year who will be homeschooled has her own Web site plus separate blog, as does her 5-year old sister.]