Alton ‘The Baysider’ Coincidence

The very day that (I again) cite ‘The Baysider‘ in one of my blog posts, ‘The Baysider’, unbeknown to us, and totally coincidentally mentions us in the paper.

Click image to access the March 1, 2012 issue of 'The Baysider'

This is at the end of Josh Spaulding’s regular weekly column — ‘have a great day‘ citation, as of last year (from what I recall), the now de rigueur ending for this always entertaining and often educational column.

‘The Baysider’ first covered our work in 2008. Though it would be quite a few more years until we physically met Josh, he from then on has been a very supportive friend.

We did not expect to see our names in his column because we do get mentions in other parts of the paper on a fairly regular basis — Deanna sometimes submitting community-related photographs for publication. It was nice. Made our day. Thank you Josh. You really are, to use Bl. Pope Urban II (#160) phrase, ‘salt of the earth‘.

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