Devanee Is The Gnome At NH Destination Imagination (DI) Kingston Regionals On March 17, 2012

This was serendipitous to say the least.

I was an appraiser for that meet and Devanee came with me because she enjoys going to DI meets. They were looking for a person to wear the costume and they spotted Devanee, looking bored, sitting on a bench at 7:30 am (the appraisers having to sign in at 7am). It was great. She did a great job. This was even better than her performing at DI the week before. She was the star at both the opening and closing ceremonies.

Here is Devanee with me, after the closing ceremonies – 12 hours after we got there at 6:50 in the morning!

Anura Guruge, DI, destination imagination, gnome, Devanee

Devanee and I.

For more pictures of Devanee as the irrepressible gnome check these two links:
1/ Opening ceremonies at which she danced and greeted each team.
2/ Closing ceremonies at which she also did her stuff.

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