A Plug For N.H. Resident Power. Yes, We Signed Up

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Click to access residentpower.com. You should definitely look.

Given that I am, at best, a sporadic viewer of WMUR (Channel 9), and tend to skip over commercials, it was a longtime before one of the ‘Resident Power‘ ads finally got through to me. I had heard about them and had seen them on the Winnipesaupkee forum that I skim through last thing at night, usually around 12:20 am. But, once it was lodged in my mind I checked them out on the Web. I read the FAQs (but didn’t watch the video). It made sense to me. I could see any downside or obvious ‘gotachas’. As ever I did a few Googles using ‘scam’ and ‘trouble’ as keywords. It all seemed kosher. From all I could see, I couldn’t see how I could lose. Yes, I had to signup for a year, but there did not appear to be any fees to signup. One bill — from dear PSNH. So that would stay the same — and they direct debit me anyway. So, the only way I could lose was if by some miracle PSNH decided to lower their rates after I signed up. Well, pigs might fly too.

So, I bit the bullet and applied, online. I have to say that they have gone out of their way to make the sign up process straightforward. Yes, they needed a couple of items from my PSNH bill but had very clear instructions as to exactly where on the bill I would find the requisite information. I am not sure whether they did get back to me within the 2 weeks they promised. I think it took longer. At one point I thought that they were not going to get back. But, a few days after that I did get their ‘sign up’ e-mail saying that my fixed rate for 12 months would be $0.07695/kWh. That was a 7.5% discount on PSNH. The 7.5%, however, is not against the whole bill. The PSNH power delivery rates stay the same. The 7.5% is just off the power generation portion — which is roughly 50% of my bill. So the initial saying were about $5/month. The way I look at it is that that is still better than a kick in the teeth. [I don’t think I still have seen the discount because it takes 2 months for it to kick in, and I only got my ‘sign up’ e-mail last month.]

Yesterday, I got another e-mail from Resident Power saying PSNH, as of April 16, 2012, had increased their rates to $0.0875/kWh. My discount just jumped. So I am even happier.

I was talking to a friend a few weeks ago that I had gone with Resident Power. He lives on the Alton/Wolfeboro border and gets his power from Wolfeboro Electric (town run) as opposed to PSNH. He thought that his rate was 1/2 that of PSNH. I checked. His rate is $0.1564/kWh. That is twice what I am paying.

My sincere recommendation: check out Resident Power. What do YOU have to lose other than a few minutes of your time … and you could end up saying at least $5/month.

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