Christmas Revels At Dartmouth, NH: Tickets Went On Sale Today, August 15, 2012.

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Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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July 18, 2012.

Yes, I got my customary front row aisle seats (so Teischan can more readily interact with the performers in the aisle), at 8:40 am this morning; thank you. I had put a reminder on my calendar for yesterday, and that alone is unusual because, at most, I might have 10 reminders, in total, for a whole year. Since to me a day starts at midnight, I planned to buy the tickets before going to bed last night. Alas, Dartmouth works on a more pedestrian 8am to 5pm schedule. 8am, I am still asleep. But, I got Devanee to bring in her laptop and I bought the tickets, from bed, while drinking my coffee and listening to CNBC.

The funny thing is that front row seats at the Hopkins and also at Plymouth are NOT considered prime seats! So they are not the most expensive. That makes them even better. Yes, I know that there are many that find the front row too close and quite literally a pain in the neck. It has never bothered me and the kids like it. Plus, during the intermission they typically get to meet some of the performers because they come down from the stage to press the flesh.

This year it is an Irish immigrant Christmas on a ship, set in 1907 (to the shades of the Titanic). We like Irish music and dance. So that should be good, though Deanna and the kids most prefer the traditional medieval English Revels. But, I am hopeful. Revels North, who do this performance is an inspired bunch. This is their Web site. You should definitely pay them a visit.

Last Christmas, because we liked their show so much, I rushed off and got tickets for the ‘main’ Revels at Harvard, Cambridge, MA. Wow. What a location. What a show. Given that it was a last minute thing, we had poor seats. Plus, it was a Mediterranean theme. I thought it was very good, but Deanna, in particular, was very down on it. I haven’t checked what they are doing this year, though I am on their e-mail list.

So, we will see you at Revels in Dartmouth. Merry Christmas.

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