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Revels North (i.e., Hanover, NH at Dartmouth) and Revels (Cambridge, MA) Doing Same Irish 1907 Christmas Show

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Talk about déjà vu all over again. Actually, to be honest, given that I worry about it on a constant basis as I get older, I thought I was cracking up and not going to the right Web sites. It was the SAME picture. Confused me, to start with, no end. I am easy to confuse.

So here is the Revels North, Hanover/Dartmouth picture — the show to which we already have front row seats.

The 1907 Irish experience Revels by ‘North’ at Dartmouth.

Publicity photo for Cambridge Revels. The similarity is uncanny. (Click to visit the Cambridge Web site). Got me thinking. Where is this picture from. I checked the movie.

This is fine. Totally their prerogative. I am just disappointed. I was hoping to see two different Revels as we had done last year — albeit that being the first year we had made the trek down to Cambridge for Revels. Last year they did a Medieval Mediterranean Christmas in Cambridge while it was the traditional British Victorian in Hanover. We all love British Revels. I, however, enjoyed the Mediterranean frolics. So, this year, I was hoping to see the Irish at Dartmouth and maybe British at Cambridge. Alas no.

Kind of interesting. Two separate, independent productions; obviously the Cambridge effort being bigger and grander. Hhhmmm. From an economic standpoint that does not make sense to me — with my engineering background. If Cambridge did 1907 Ireland this year, Hanover could have borrowed the scenery, props and costumes for 2014, with Hanover, in 2012, borrowing the Mediterranean from Cambridge from last year. But, I am just an attendee. They obviously know what they are doing — given how successful they are. The Cambridge Christmas Revels are at the incomparable (to the U.S.) Sanders Theater. Wow, what a beautiful building. It brought tears to the eyes of a homesick Brit like me. So European. We lucked out. When we went last Christmas we were ‘lost’. So we asked this older gentleman how to get to the Sanders. He was with his daughter, who was about Deanna’s age. His face lit up. He insisted, though this was late December, on walking us to the Theater. He was an ex-Harvard Professor of History. He gave me a history lesson on the Theater. He took us to the door. We lucked out. Yes, we will be going back to the Sanders soon. He also pointed us towards a wonderful ‘store’ that did a buffet meal — with Indian food. It was perfect, for me.

The building that houses the Sanders Theater.