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Updates: Laconia Multicultural Day September 8 & NH Highland Games At Loon September 21 …, 2012

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Japanese Drummers at the Laconia Multicultural Day 2011

I have been visiting their Web site on a regular basis to see if they have a exact schedule indicating when each of the performances will take place. So far, on their ‘Program’ page (and you may have to click on it at least twice to get it to display) they still only have a list of those scheduled to perform this year — sans the times that you can expect to see them. Most likely they will appear in the order listed, with the first performance probably around 11:30 or noon. But, I could be wrong. I know there is the Flag Parade prior to the performances. [I enjoy going to the Web site for another reason. Check out the ‘Home Page‘. Very colorful, graphic and vivid. But, rather than being done as a Web page with HTML (and possibly some scripts) that whole page is but one big image, most likely created in PowerPoint. Nothing wrong with that. I used to teach web site design for SNHU at the post graduate level. This was actually one of the quiz questions I posed to them. Is it possible to create a Web site (or at least some pages) that are but large images. My ‘buddy’ David Stamps who designed this Web site could have gone further. He could have put ‘hot spots’ on that image file so that you could still have links to other pages. I am just glad that I now have an example of an ‘image-as-a-Web page’ that I can show people.]

I have been checking the weather for Laconia for this Saturday. It looks like we might get some rain. The show goes on rain or shine. We have been there in the rain. Given that they have the covered bandstand, one performance tent and another tent for spectators, you can most definitely still enjoy it in the rain. Gets a bit crowded in the tent, but in general it is a great bunch of folks (mainly Democrats) and you can get by. We will probably go even if it rains.

On the other hand the 3-day program for the Highland Games was available today, as a PDF, on their Web site at this link. I printed it out. Last few years we had gone on a Friday or on the Sunday. You get to see the ever so cute sheep dogs and a mixed bag of handlers. This year we can’t do Friday. Teischan can’t miss another day of school, though I doubt anybody could argue the educational benefits of the Games. I am looking at Sunday. The Brigadoons are playing, as ever, at 11:30 am. I have to see the Brigadoons. So that sets me up. 11:30 is a good time for us since it takes us about 3 hours garage-to-performance tent. The program looks light in terms of marquee performers. Yes, Albannach is there. I need to study the schedule more. I do not see a big name or even a Canadian marching band. I will look. Too early yet to check the weather. I have been, at least twice, during hurricanes — and the first time was before they had a Performance Tent.