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Romney’s Insulting 47% ‘Victim’ Remark Does Not Apply To NH or Maine Where Many Can’t Even Understand What Is At Stake.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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I talk to people about U.S. politics every opportunity I get, even over meals though I know that that is supposed to be a social ‘No-No’. I campaigned like crazy for Obama during the last 4 weeks prior to the 2008 election and spoke with close to 500 people about Obama and politics. I have been sounding out all sorts of people this year so I can get my own read on what is likely to happen in November. My conclusion: Romney is going to win, because so many people, especially in NH and ME, will vote for him BECAUSE they really have no clue about the issues, but deep down, for reasons they cannot adequately explain, they feel threatened by a Black Man in the White House. [The polls are wrong.]

So, Romney, as in so many things, has got it wrong in his (inane, insensitive and intolerant) rant about 47% of the U.S. population, those that get some kind of help from the Federal Government or the State, not voting for him. Mitt you are dead wrong.

There are lots of people in NH and Maine who do not pay Federal Taxes or are on some kind of SUPPORT that will vote Republican — because, alas and alack, they have no clue as to what the issues are (as you will see).

The biggest thing is that these folks who are not (financially) rich by any sense of the word have absolutely NO IDEA that Republicans in general, particularly the likes of Romney and Paul, have nothing but absolute, abject contempt for them! They don’t get it. They think that they are Republicans and that other Republicans will identify with them — even like them. Wrong. Romney said it, but these folks in NH and ME won’t get it!

The Republicans resent folks that get ANY kind of aid that has its roots in taxes. It doesn’t matter what it is, whether it be special education needs, school lunches, Medicaid, housing support, ER care, disability, they just hate people getting anything from ‘government’ (even if they paid into it at some point in their life). This is what Romney meant in his last sentence of that so, so very insulting comment when he said: ‘these …. people … need to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY‘.

When Obama talks about redistribution of wealth, what that means is using taxes from the Ultra-Rich, like Romney (who still won’t release all of his tax returns) to help those in need: unmarried mothers, the disabled, the sick, the elderly, THE POOR. We have a lot of poor people in NH and ME. We also have a lot of unmarried mothers — some opting to be that, to get AID. Republicans have NO SYMPATHY for such folks; fiscally, morally and religiously they have nothing but scorn for unmarried mothers. But, I know of unmarried mothers in NH and ME and THEIR parents who will vote for Mitt, without ever realizing that the Republicans, when in power, will do everything they can to reduce welfare. This is not a joke. We are talking about lives, real lives. Real people.

Well these people can’t take ‘personal responsibility‘ because they don’t even understand what is being said, let alone what is at stake.

People in NH where the household income is no greater than $60,000 tell me, passionately, that they are Republicans because Obama has and will continue to raise their taxes. With the cut in Pay Roll Taxes Obama reduced your taxes. Obama has no intention, whatsoever, of raising taxes on folks making less than $250,000 year.

Republicans resent those that are on disability or go to the ER for ‘free’ — unless their son, who doesn’t have health coverage, needs a kidney transplant. Then it is OK to get it for FREE — but Obamacare is wrong. [Yes, I actually know of an actual case here, and they are funny … they blame Obama for not creating jobs but bring over Haitians to work on their farm!]

People in NH on Medicare and Medicaid tell me that Government-based healthcare is un-American! They have no clue.

A 55-year old man on minimum wage, with two autistic kids, has a Romney bumper sticker on his 20 year old car, and tells me that he is worried Obama will raise his taxes!

People who could not tell you who ‘Ben Bernanke’ is, or what the current Fed Policy is on interest rates, will tell you that Obama has no clue as to how to fix the economy. [Most of these people have no clue because they are poor, and will tell you that NASDAQ is an auto parts dealer … that the stock market has done remarkably well over the last 4 years. I bet they don’t know that. But they think they are Republicans. Poor souls.]

These are the people, as the C&W song goes ‘can’t tell the difference between Iraq and Iran‘, but will argue vehemently that Romney has a better foreign policy than Obama.

These are the people who don’t know that Romney pioneered Obamacare in Massachusetts and has NOW publicly stated he will RETAIN most of the provisions in Obamacare, who will tell you that Obamacare is government encroachment into their life — when most of them are in a household that is getting some sort of government assistance. It would be funny if not for the fact that it is so sad.

James Carville in the 1992 Bill Clinton run had the catch-phrase: The economy, stupid.

Well to me the catch phrase for 2012 has to be: The ignorance, stupid.

So, self-disclosure. For much of my life I was a rabid conservative, so conservative that folks that knew me in Britain would joke: ‘Anu, come the revolution they are going to line YOU up right of (Margaret) Thatcher …‘. But, with age, as my father always predicted, I mellowed (though there are still some social issues where I am still very conservative). But, helping the needy is a cause dear to my heart. That is why I am, as of around 2003 (and yes Bush was my ‘last straw), a huge believer in the Democrats and an unashamed supporter of Obama (though he has let me down, badly, when it came to the ‘single payer’ mandate and extending the Bush tax cuts). Unlike Romney, I care about the 47% because that includes the sick, elderly, poor, disabled and children whose parents are NOT rich.