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Supposed Barnstead, NH, Rastafarian Acquitted Of Drug Charges On ‘Freedom Of Religion’ Among Other Things!

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Click for Boston ‘CBS’ coverage …

To read article in the Sept. 20, 2012 ‘Baysider’ newspaper — our friendly local weekly.

This story, that I encountered yesterday afternoon raised a number of issues in my mind:

1/ I first saw it in Boston CraigsList ‘Rants & Raves’ as a ‘derogatory’ post making fun of the strange, country bumpkins in the ‘Live Free Or Die‘ State to the North. [to be fair to the poster this story does make us look a bit weird.]

2/ I knew of this story as the ‘surveillance’ from air case since that was the angle most reported in the past about this case.

3/ Again confirms what I have come to realize over the last few years; Mark Sisti, the criminal attorney from Concord, is beyond genius. He rocks. Wow. Another improbable victory for him. He should be a TV lawyer. Amazing, just amazing. You know he looks like a hippie … but gosh, he is brilliant. I know a fairly prominent, very opinionated NH injury lawyer who grudgingly admitted that Sisti was ‘something else’. He sure is.

4/ How did this ‘poor looking’ Rasta get the money to hire Sisti — and I have heard that he, quite rightly given his skills, is not cheap? Was he selling produce to pay for his priceless defense?

5/ We now have a new law in NH, that made its debut at this trial, ‘Jury Nullification‘. John Lynch, who rarely if ever puts a foot wrong, has signed it into law. Yes, Sisti really is something else.

6/ To me this is another ‘Twilight Zone’ episode of American law in action. This guy should have been hoisted by his own petard and thrown in jail. Drugs are a big problem around here. To let this guy walk free on technicalities seems wrong, a perversion of justice — another case of money buying freedom.

7/ I am not an expert of Rastafarianism, though having lived in England in the 70s when we had quite a few Rastas in London, the much missed Bob Marley and my incessant following of ‘West Indies’ cricket, I know a bit about them. This guy does not look like a Rasta to me — and lets face it, how many people in NH are familiar with Rastas. Check that picture from CBS. There are NO Rasta colors to be seen. He and all we see are all white. Not right. No, the Rasta colors need to be on display — so he can’t claim that he wears Rasta underwear. To me he is no Rasta.

8/ Using ‘Freedom of Religion’ to wriggle out of tight legal spots is something I have heard about, mainly anecdotally, even since I came here (for the 2nd time around) in 1986. I’ve heard stories about how it works like a charm with the IRS. I still contend that this guy is exploiting the system thanks to a brilliant lawyer.

9/ This guy is the SAME AGE as me; 59! That cracks me up. I don’t look great, never have. But come on, compared to this guy I look like I was chiseled out of marble. Wow. If this is what drugs can do for you, then they should do a NEW commercial akin to that unforgettable ‘This is YOUR brain on drugs’:

Please click and have ANOTHER blast of this great commercial … as a YouTube video.

I am NO paragon of virtue BUT I never did drugs (or smoked), though when I was 15-16 I hung out, daily, with a few very, very heavy drug users. But, I was never tempted — for reasons that I can still relate to today. I LIKE REALITY. Never had an urge to distort reality! Yes, I am strange. To me that seems pointless. You live in the real world, so why try to escape it. Just deal with it.