Elephant Parade In Manchester, NH: THE Stop Press UPDATE Wednesday (Sept. 26)

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

  by Anura Guruge

**** See 2014 Update here ****

Remember there will be another elephant parade (same route, but in reverse) Sunday. That is much easier to time.
Will be ~1 hour after the end of the last show. I will keep you posted on that.

‘Just now’: Comment: ‘I own a business 50 feet from where they keep the elephants and I have not seen anything go by all day.’

3:52: Verizon says animals are already at the arena. So the parade is OVER. OK. Hope some of you got to see it.

3:42 pm: Another comment from a different reader: ‘The Verizon Facebook page says that the elephants have already arrived at the arena‘. OK.

3:23 pm: Just had this comment from a reader: ‘FYI, I have a view of the tracks from my office, and a train pulling Barnum & Bailey cars is definitely on the tracks right now being adjusted, and I’m watching the WMUR news van pull out (they’re next to each other). Could be something soon!’ So the train is here. If you are going to watch, I would head out now. They will probably shoot for 4;30 pm. So, go, GO, GO. Many thanks to our helpful reader. This is great. PR guy from FELD has yet to call.

2:45 pm: I called up FELD Entertainment, the parent company of the circus in VA. They don’t know either, BUT they say they will find out and call me back. Just left a message for Steve Payne their Corporate P.R. person. So, lets see if he will help us. Told them how keen we are in NH to see the pachyderms.

2:27 pm: Verizon Arena is not being too helpful! All they will say is that the train is not here as yet, and yes, it is delayed. They are adamant they have no idea as to when it might arrive. The elephants can walk in the dark, not that Elm St. ever gets that dark. So the train could come in ‘tonight’. AGAIN, a lot of this is because this, i.e., Manchester being the 1st stop of the tour as opposed to last, is new.

11:49 am, Wednesday, Sept. 26 — I checked with the Verizon Arena (tel: (603) 644-5000). The train is definitely delayed. They do not have an ETA as yet. They think it will still be today. I will check again and keep updating this post. So come back.

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Just (10:40 am, Wednesday, Sept. 26) spoke with Manchester Police INFORMATION at (603) 668-8711. (not 911). Got transferred 3 times but eventually got the lady with the scoop.

There was a police detail scheduled for this morning for the elephant parade but the circus has JUST called in and cancelled it!

They did not reschedule it or book another one — as yet.

As I did say in my post yesterday, this is A CIRCUS so things can be a circus. I am sure there are coming to town. My druthers has always been that they will come Thursday morning.

Why the confusion? This is the first time they have STARTED in Manchester, NH rather than do the final performance in our fair, Queen City. So in the past they would come here after they did their shows in Worcester, MA. They would come the next morning after the final show in Worcester. So that was easy enough to work out.

I will try to keep you posted. Cheers.

13 thoughts on “Elephant Parade In Manchester, NH: THE Stop Press UPDATE Wednesday (Sept. 26)

  1. Tiffany

    FYI, I have a view of the tracks from my office, and a train pulling Barnum & Bailey cars is definitely on the tracks right now being adjusted, and I’m watching the WMUR newsvan pull out (they’re next to eachother). Could be something soon!

    1. aguruge Post author

      To be fair, in today’s age, I get a feeling that this is a SECURITY issue too! FELD (i.e., the circus), the arena and the police NOT wanting to divulge too much about the whereabouts of the train to avoid potential ‘incidents’ — which could just be people heading to the railway line itself to get a look at the train. I was aware of this each time I called MPD, Verizon or FELD — that there was an implicit concern about security. It is good we tracked it. That was VERY nice of ‘Tiffany’ to give us all a heads up. Thanks. Cheers, Anura

    1. aguruge Post author

      Thanks, Mark. Maybe they camouflaged the elephants! Have to say it sounds strange. Maybe it is security. They don’t want too many people around. PLEASE send a comment or CALL 455-0901 if you see anything before you go home PLEASE. Thanks. At least one lady bummed that she missed it. We were not going today. We catch it Sunday. Much easier to time. Thanks.

    1. aguruge Post author

      I just this very minute got back from the circus. Yes, something is UP. Could be the protest. There was no parade after the 4pm show. We spoke to a worker. He said the elephants were moved to the train while we were still at the show. According to him after the elephants did their short segment in the 2nd half they just walked straight out of the arena and onto the train. I am sure the protests have something to do with it. Also could be that the arena or circus refused to pay for the police detail. When I called Manchester Police on Wednesday morning they were categorical that they had just had a call CANCELLING the scheduled detail. Very interesting. Very curious. I will write my report card in the next 24 hours. THANKS for your help. Shame about the parade. The kids in NH deserve better. All the best. Happy fall. Cheers, Anura


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