It’s A Girl, All of 316 Pounds — Another Ringling Brothers Circus Elephant

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

  by Anura Guruge

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A happy coincidence (not serendipity). As I am trying to keep folks updated about the Elephant Parade in Manchester, NH, I get this e-mail from the circus.

Yes, I am on their mailing list.

Wow. I have checked out their ‘Elephant Center‘.

Though I have never visited it (my last visit to Sri Lanka having been in 1992, for 72 hours, for my mother’s funeral, having accompanied her body from Paris), but I am very conversant with the deservedly famous Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka.

I know that Ringling Bros. have taken a lot of ‘stick’ of late about elephant cruelty. Yes, I have watched, with discomfort, some of the videos. I am torn. I have seen elephants trained in both Sri Lanka and Thailand. Yes, there is sometimes a degree of roughness.

One thing I do know: most civilized folks cannot be mean towards an elephant. They are way, way, way cuter than puppies! Baby elephants are a riot. You can play with them. They will roll over on their backs for you so that you can scratch their belly. Just like puppies they love it. Their ‘little’ legs will waggle in the air. As they get big, say 3 months, they will expect you to wrestle them to the ground — in play. They will follow you around — the house! No, alas, we never owned any elephants. It is kind of an expensive pastime and you need the space. We were not rich. But, we had friends who owned elephants. Sri Lankan houses have polished (often colored) cement floors; which is like marble, but without any seams. So cleaning up after a baby elephant, where the droppings are in the main very fibrous, isn’t too hard or bad — and if you own elephants you will also have a large cadre of servants.

So, this was a nice tie-in with the circus coming to town.

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