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PSNH To Increase Electric Rates Again? We Get Electric From ‘Resident Power’.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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I got this via e-mail from ‘Resident Power’ this morning. Click image to access the ‘Resident Power’ Website.

I checked my PSNH bill, this time for September 2012, yet again. I am paying ‘PNE Energy’ [i.e., Resident Power] $0.076950 per KwH per my 12-month, fixed-price contract with ‘Resident Power’. Click to ENLARGE.

The ‘Concord Monitor‘ (Sept. 29, 2012) does confirm that PSNH has requested a $0.0897 (or as they state ‘8.97 cent’) rate, though they cite that as a 5% increase. The 20% quoted by ‘Resident Power’ could be based on the price I get from them.

So, right now I am getting $0.076950 per KwH from ‘Resident Power’. IF PSNH gets their new rate, I would be saving $0.01275 KwH till May 2013 — which is when ‘Resident Power’ will quote me a new 12-month rate.

This month I used 859 KwHs. So that 0.01275 KwH would have come to $10.95. Nearly $11. So that is what I am saving with ‘Resident Power’ IF PSNH gets the new rate.

Every day I see folks coming to this blog after doing a search on ‘Resident Power Scam’ (or equivalent). I fully empathize. I too did such a search earlier this year BEFORE I signed up with them. If ‘Resident Power’ is a SCAM, the mechanics of it allude me — and I am not exactly a dummy. I see my bill (above), I know what I pay and that is that … SO FAR. I am paying $0.076950 per KwH to ‘Resident Power’ via PSNH. If there is a scam going on, I am not sure what it is. ‘Resident Power’ has no means of getting any money from me directly. They have to bill me through PSNH. I check my bill (honest).

So, that is where we are. We have been getting electric from ‘Resident Power’ since May 2012; so 5 months. So far, so good. Don’t think I have been scammed. If I was, I will let you know. Do not fret. Thank you.

Lisa DiMartino, NH State Rep. Belknap County, District 2 (Gilford & Meredith): PLEASE Make Sure She Is Elected.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

Please click to access Lisa’s Website. Thanks.

I have known Lisa for at least 12 years, starting when she was this amazing Children’s Librarian at the always wonderful Gilford Library. First my son Matthew and then Devanee were huge fans of the library and I know that part of it was that Lisa ran the magical Children’s room. There was a time when Devanee, when she was 3 or 4, was going to the Library at least once a week. We all got to know Lisa and her family very well over the years.

She is a wonderful, caring, warm, helpful, knowledgeable, always ‘on-the-ball’ person. True, salt-of-the-earth. She is an exceptional mother, accentuated by having a special needs son.

Lisa will be a dream State Rep. for all of us with families, especially school age kids. She is an expert on health care and education issues in NH, with unique hands on experience as to the challenges faced by parents with ‘special needs’. Lisa will proudly stand up for us, Romney’s 47%. Gilford and Meredith are rich communities but there are still a lot of people in these towns that are not ‘rich’. Lots of folks without health care. Many worried about whether their kids are getting a decent education. If Lisa is in Concord, I know that she will fight for what is right for the majority. Lisa is above petty, politics. She will always try to do what is right for the average person, the typical constituent.

It would be so good for NH if we can have Lisa in Concord looking after our interests. So, PLEASE, if you live in Gilford or Meredith, vote for Lisa and make sure that you convince others in those towns to do the same. Thank YOU.