PSNH To Increase Electric Rates Again? We Get Electric From ‘Resident Power’.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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I got this via e-mail from ‘Resident Power’ this morning. Click image to access the ‘Resident Power’ Website.

I checked my PSNH bill, this time for September 2012, yet again. I am paying ‘PNE Energy’ [i.e., Resident Power] $0.076950 per KwH per my 12-month, fixed-price contract with ‘Resident Power’. Click to ENLARGE.

The ‘Concord Monitor‘ (Sept. 29, 2012) does confirm that PSNH has requested a $0.0897 (or as they state ‘8.97 cent’) rate, though they cite that as a 5% increase. The 20% quoted by ‘Resident Power’ could be based on the price I get from them.

So, right now I am getting $0.076950 per KwH from ‘Resident Power’. IF PSNH gets their new rate, I would be saving $0.01275 KwH till May 2013 — which is when ‘Resident Power’ will quote me a new 12-month rate.

This month I used 859 KwHs. So that 0.01275 KwH would have come to $10.95. Nearly $11. So that is what I am saving with ‘Resident Power’ IF PSNH gets the new rate.

Every day I see folks coming to this blog after doing a search on ‘Resident Power Scam’ (or equivalent). I fully empathize. I too did such a search earlier this year BEFORE I signed up with them. If ‘Resident Power’ is a SCAM, the mechanics of it allude me — and I am not exactly a dummy. I see my bill (above), I know what I pay and that is that … SO FAR. I am paying $0.076950 per KwH to ‘Resident Power’ via PSNH. If there is a scam going on, I am not sure what it is. ‘Resident Power’ has no means of getting any money from me directly. They have to bill me through PSNH. I check my bill (honest).

So, that is where we are. We have been getting electric from ‘Resident Power’ since May 2012; so 5 months. So far, so good. Don’t think I have been scammed. If I was, I will let you know. Do not fret. Thank you.

1 thought on “PSNH To Increase Electric Rates Again? We Get Electric From ‘Resident Power’.

  1. Gary

    What’s interesting is that with deregulation, electricity rates should be getting LOWER not HIGHER! I represent a company that can show NH residents how they can actually earn FREE electricity for absolutely NO COST and NO RISK.


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