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TDS Broadband (Fiber) Internet: Long Outage Last Night In The Lakes Region, NH.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Bang! Right at midnight I lost my TDS Internet connection.

TDS does this to me quite often; twice a month. It is always between midnight and 12:20. I am still working. Yesterday, I was just about to access this blog. Nothing.

Now, anytime after midnight, even if there is even the faintest flicker, I automatically glance down at my Windows 7 icon tray — bottom right. Sure enough, the DREADED Internet down Yellow Triangle. That is the Yellow Triangle of death for me.

Usually they are back within 20 minutes. Not so last night. I am sure they will claim it was related to the earthquake — which was 4 hours 45 minutes earlier.

Basically they are doing maintenance and I appreciate the need for that. I am cool with that.

I have, however, repeatedly asked for but two things, both of which I think are reasonable:

1/ Any chance you can DELAY the maintenance till later in the morning 3am to 4am. I am sure MOST folks really are a sleep by then.

2/ Any chance you can send us an e-mail saying scheduled maintenance tonight.

Nada. Very strange company. I would say the strangest I deal with. The people CANNOT be nicer. It is as if they are trained and trained again to be polite, courteous and helpful. [I have only ever had one TDS rep. who was testy and rude and basically told me I was an idiot.] But, the faceless corporate, i.e., the amalgamation of all those really nice people, does not seem to care about me. I dread getting anything from TDS. It is never good news.

It is funny. I interact with Fidelity, GoDaddy and Bank of America, as much as I do with TDS. With those companies there seems to be a correlation between the folks you talk to and the faceless corporate. Fidelity is a prime example. I have been dealing with them for decades. Invariably the person you are on the phone with represents Fidelity; i.e., there is no disconnect between the rep and the company the rep. works for. Take for example my local TDS techie. Cannot be nicer or more helpful. I sing his praises. But, in this perverse way, he is NOT TDS. TDS is the company that charges taxes on a phone line I don’t have or refuses to listen to me about scheduled maintenance. He can’t fix it and neither can anybody in TDS. It is that faceless corporate.

C’set la vie.

NH (Lakes Region) Earthquake Of October 16: Foundation Cracks & Earthquake Insurance?

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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This, per my neighbor who knows construction stuff, is a fresh crack in my foundation post last night’s earthquake! Click to ENLARGE.

Never even occurred to me to check anything (though Teischan (6) had cutely asked me to put on the outside lights, open the front door and check outside to see if all was copacetic.

Ours is a new (2006), fairly well constructed house, albeit with large expanses of concrete foundation because it is built on the grade.

Today was Teischan’s ‘bring a loved one to lunch’ day at Alton Central School (ACS). So, of course, I attended. One of her classmates insisted, thrice, that their house fell down from the earthquake and that they were staying at a hotel! I could not get that story confirmed.

I got home around 2:15 pm. My neighbor across the road was waiting for me and had this greeting: ‘did you suffer any damage last night?’ For a second I wasn’t even sure what he was talking about!

He takes me for a tour of my foundation and finds all these fresh, hair line cracks.

Now, having lived in NH for 27 years I had always thought that small foundation cracks are a way of life in NH, like the black flies. I have owned 6 houses in NH and never had any foundation leaks. Now, my neighbor is getting me worried.

Yes, I am a great believer in liberal applications of water proofing liquids and compounds. So, I now have NO CHOICE. I will have to go patch all of those pesky cracks.

I called up my insurance agents: Wainwright Insurance in Alton (603-875-1211). They are a part of Cross from Maine. I have had coverage with them for about 15 months, but never had to make a claim. They are friendly friendly, but I really don’t know how good or bad they are.

I was surprised to hear that they had not received a single call re. the earthquake.

Then, they shocked me, by saying I did NOT have earthquake insurance.

I, quite correctly, told them that that was their fault. I am NOT joking. I am thinking that I might have a case against them. I had never even heard of earthquake insurance. It was incumbent upon them to tell me about it. So, if I don’t have coverage it has to be their fault. Right? This is America. [UPDATE: They tell me that they told me in writing that I don’t have earthquake or flood insurance. I haven’t looked hard, but I haven’t found the letter as yet. They say they have a copy. That doesn’t mean that they ever mailed it!]

So, please feel free to use this as a forum for discussing earthquake related damage and earthquake insurance. Hope it helps.