FitBit Ultra: So Sad For All Concerned. Wife’s Prized FitBit Stops Working! She Was FitBit’s Biggest Advocate.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Read the COMMENTS on above post, including those from FitBit support & my wife.

Deanna was FitBit’s biggest fan; their most loyal advocate. I think she used to say great things about them on FaceBook.

I got her one for Christmas 2011. She has loved it, cherished it. Surprised Devanee and I when she claimed this Summer that it was her most prized possession!

Then she got me one for my birthday, but mine would not synch. After a month I gave up. She was very upset. She defended FitBit. She contacted them, she liaised with them, she wrote comments defending them.

Two days ago her FitBit mysteriously stopped working. She charged it and recharged it, hoping it would come back to life. It displays erratic messages but from what I hear it is still ‘dead’.

Deanna is beside herself. This is bad news all around. Deanna is upset. But, it is also bad news for FitBit. Deanna had to be up there among one of their most loyal fans.

Yes, she is contacting them and I am sure they will bend over backwards to help her. But, this is not good. Two FitBits and they both proved to be defective! Hhhmmmm.

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