New Hampshire (NH) 2012 – 2013 Property Tax Rate Comparison. Highest & Free ‘Sortable’ Spreadsheet

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

This post now OBSOLETE.

For latest 2013 – 2014 rates, comparison, lowest, highest & spreadsheet.

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For list of the lowest 25 towns in terms of NH property tax.

The higest 10 towns in New Hampshire for 2012 – 2013 property tax.
Towns with highest property taxes in NH for 2012 by Anura Guruge

Click to ENLARGE.

See this June 3, 2013 post about how you MIGHT be able to get
NH Property Tax RELIEF.

If you want my Excel spreadsheet,
with no macros and free of viruses or hooks,
download it directly from here.

7 thoughts on “New Hampshire (NH) 2012 – 2013 Property Tax Rate Comparison. Highest & Free ‘Sortable’ Spreadsheet

    1. aguruge Post author

      Be careful. Make sure you also read this post since tax rate alone does NOT tell the whole story. All depends on home price valuation too. I really do worry that people miss this and then get bitten. I have been THINKING of whether I could factor that into my 2013-2014 spreadsheet. I don’t think I can — since I am not sure whether anybody has this data in a subjective form. BUT, PLEASE read the other post. Would hate to see you bitten. Best of luck.

      1. birdhousebirdyer

        Thank you. I had already followed the link from this post to your valuation post.

        As I have been home shopping, I was noticing many somewhat significant tax differences between homes of similar value. I looked for the tax comparison information to help me understand what I was seeing in the market.

        Thanks again.

  1. Dan

    The rate of Tax above the 20.00 dollar make is too much. I am afraid to say we need a SALES tax and direct the income from that tax to schools and take the burden off the home owner.

    1. aguruge Post author

      Not sure about a sales tax which is considered to be regressive. I, though I was opposed to it 2 decades ago, would be willing to consider an income tax. Cheers.

  2. Meg Gourley

    I think the problem in newport is related to the lack of tax revenue from Sturm, Ruger. I’d like to do a little research and editorial perhaps on the issue of Ruger evading municipals taxes. Any ideas how to start? The local paper is useless on line, they don’t have an archive. Margaret in Vermont

    1. aguruge Post author

      I will be back after I cogitate on this. I, as you might imagine, invariably start online. One idea off the top of my head — and something I do quite often. Go to the Town Hall and have a chat with the Tax Collector, Town Assessor, Town Manager etc. They will point you in the right direction. Try and ask a Selectman or Selectlady. Then you can get REAL BRAVE, esp. given you are dealing with a gun company. Contact THEIR PR person and ask them to comment! All the best. More later. Promise. Anura


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