Kingswood Regional High School, Wolfeboro, NH: Holiday Concert, December 15, 2012.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

…. Anura Guruge

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We are glad we went to this concert. It was certainly a few notches above the average for a local High School. Every year, around Christmas, I try to go to at least 2 or 3 musical events in addition to ‘Revels‘ and ‘Clearlakes Chorale‘. This means that we typically take in a High School concert (in addition to the mandatory ‘Alton Central School‘ (ACS) concert at which one or both kids perform). Usually we tend to gravitate towards Gilford given that we lived their for many a year. Yes, we have also been to Prospect Mountain.

This was our first concert at Kingswood. It was our first time in the impressive (new) ‘Arts Center‘. It is blinking beautiful! In form it is very reminiscent of the one at Prospect Mountain but it is palpably more top notch — as befits a rich town. That they started the performance with a recorded ‘Welcome’ message that thanked the Wolfeboro tax payers for this magnificent facility was cute and apropos.

Given the tragedy in Connecticut it felt strange to be going into a school! That they started with a moment of silence in honor of the poor victims was poignant and appropriate. Thank you. Well done.

The Music Director at Kingswood and the conductor at this concert was Robert Burns who we had got to know through Clearlakes Chorale. That was one of the reasons we attended Kingswood rather than Gilford or Alton. I had not realized this, because I had assumed they were from ‘Brewster’, but a couple of the other ‘kids’ that sing with Clearlakes were from Kingswood. That is great. I was pleased.

Robert appears to be very motivated and passionate. That is good. That, according to him, the Band practices together for 45 minutes each school day is amazing. Bravo.

The concert was well put together. Well paced, good mix with one carol in German. The kids came across as committed, talented and mature. One of the soloist, who appears to have received much recognition and accolades this year, was a standout. I am not an expert when it comes to music, though over the years people have told me that I appear to have a good ear ‘for what is good‘ despite having no talent, whatsoever, for music. Even I could tell, as soon as he opened his mouth, that he was special. It warmed my heart. I wish him well. I look forward to following his career. There was also a young lady whose voice I could clearly discern over the rest. She will go far too. Inspiration to my two.

All together a fun evening. I am glad I went. The stage, with some inspired lighting, looked very festive. Well done. My only surprise was the lack of folks. Yes, it is a big auditorium, but it wasn’t even 75% full. I expected it to be packed. We went early because we thought it would be standing room only. We could have got there after the concert started and still had front row seats if we wanted. Seemed incongruous. But, that is OK. For those that were there, it was a great evening.

Thank you Kingswood. Thank you Robert Burns.

P.S., Given his name, I would like Mr. Burns to do at least one song from his namesake, even if it is Auld Lang Syne.

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