“Christmas At Luther” On PBS: Do Not Miss. ‘Tape’ It Quick. It Is Brilliant! Best Christmas Show In A Long Time.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.


..by Anura Guruge

Click to access the ‘Luther College’ Webpage for this PBS broadcast.

Watch their teaser 42 second VIDEO Clip.

Click image to access the 42 second video clip at YouTube.

These are the “Norsemen” from Luther. They are something else, in the best possible sense. Here is but just one of the videos from YouTube. Click … Do NOT miss this. It will make your day.

A reader very kindly sent me this link to the detailed program of this concert, with the words to all the songs, from the
Minnesota Public Radio website.

It is a PDF. Click here to access it.

This was indeed blessed serendipity in its full glory. Around Christmas I check the PBS TV schedule (both Boston and NH) to see what Christmas music shows they are airing — in part, still hoping against hope that they will go back to showing “Christmas At King’s” the show they would get from the BBC and air, annually in the 1980s and 1990s. Alas no King’s but to my delight ‘Luther College‘, which I had never heard of, more than compensated for that. Thank you PBS.

Yes, over the years we have seen most of these PBS shows: Belmont, Mormon Tabernacle etc. etc. But, this stood out.

This College should be very proud. They excelled. It was a multidisciplinary performance featuring different choirs and musical accompaniment. They even had a delightful, virtuoso performance of campanology. It was world class (though as a Brit, I have to say that they didn’t have the real church bells that we add to the hand bells to add real ‘oomph’ to the sound!). The ‘Norseman’ are SPECIAL. Wow. Wow. Wow. They have one male soloist who has me in total awe. I just think about his parents. They must be so proud, and deservedly so.

The kids loved it. In the last two days we have watched it, or at least parts of it, 3 times and the kids want more. I ‘locked’ it on the DVR. I see that they plan to release a CD ($18) & DVD ($22). Most likely I will buy it.

I checked the MA/NH PBS schedule. You should be able to catch it on either Channel 2, 11, 9 or 44 up till December 26. So, don’t walk. Run to your DVR.

This is good. You will thank me for this. The best Christmas present I could have given you.

6 thoughts on ““Christmas At Luther” On PBS: Do Not Miss. ‘Tape’ It Quick. It Is Brilliant! Best Christmas Show In A Long Time.

    1. aguruge Post author

      Not sure. I just went and checked the Luther site. They don’t have it. I know that the PBS listing was short and sweet. So, I am sorry, but I don’t seem to be able to help. All I can say is that there are about 12 different performances. Maybe IF you e-mail Luther College they could send you the playlist. Happy 2013. So, how goes the voice of Poe? All the best. Break a leg. Cheers, Anura

      1. aguruge Post author

        That is WONDERFUL. Thank YOU. That is GREAT. Kids love it. Insisted on listening to bits of it again today. I now have it recorded on 2 DVRs, connected to two separate TVs. I really appreciate this. I will put a link to it in the post tomorrow. It is midnight and I am getting tired. Happy New Year. Thanks again. Anura

    1. aguruge Post author

      Thank YOU. That must have been great. I have been thinking about ordering the DVD. I still have the PBS concert taped on one of my DVR players. Had it on both. But now, just on the one in our bedroom. Amuses wife and the kids, but some days I listen to bits of it, mainly the ‘Norseman’ segment BEFORE I get out of bed or while I am getting dressed. I will have to add ‘Luther’ to my bucket list. Thanks again. Good day. My life is CRAZY with the papal resignation. Cheers, Anura


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