My Humor: “Climax Plug” Chewing Tobacco By Lorillard Really Tickled My Fancy.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

…. Anura Guruge

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>>..Nov. 30, 2012.

A couple of months ago, on one of my rare visits to the Alton public library I picked up a bunch of old ‘Mental Floss‘ magazines that they were giving away. I had never heard of the magazine and the title alone intrigued me. They did, to my joy, live up to their name. Their content certainly stimulates what is inside the cranium in rather atypical manner, much of it consistent with my very irreverent sense of humor. Deanna liked them too and kept on stealing the copy I would be reading. She liked it so much that when she next visited the library (with the kids, which is usually why we go there) she went looking for more copies. Since the early copies I had picked up were a few years old, I had just, unjustly it would appear, assumed that like so many other print publications that they too (like Newsweek this week) had ceased publication or had gone all digital. I was wrong. One of the copies that Deanna picked up was recent: like September 2012.

Though I try to minimize the number of magazine we subscribe to, because I have such a large unread backlog, I told Deanna that she should get me a year’s subscription as my Christmas Present. She did, knowing that she would be stealing the copies unless I hid them really well. Well, anyway, the copies started arriving before Christmas, since the December issue is printed in November etc., as is the case with most subscriptions.

I was just glancing at the January/February 2013 issue, when this picture, or more to the point, the advertisement on the side of the bench,
caught my eye. I was hooked. I knew it was not a fake.

“Try it Now CLIMAX Plug …”

Click to ENLARGE. Scanned image is a bit grainy. I can't find the original. Deanna can't remember who the two characters are. They were before my time, I not having TV when growing up. If you know who they are please let me know. I would like to get the original. 'Mental Floss' provides no attribution.

Click to ENLARGE. Scanned image is a bit grainy. I can’t find the original. It took Deanna, the expert on matters TV and cinematic, to remember that this was ‘Laurel and Hardy’. I need to see if I can find it using their names in the search string.

I was hooked. While I am well aware that ‘climax’ refers to the zenith of an event, the audacity if not outright cheek of a large tobacco company to market a ‘Climax PLUG’ just cracked me up. I immediately went Googling for ‘Climax Plug’. I was not to be disappointed.

Click to ENLARGE. Savor this.

Click to ENLARGE. Savor this.

Why have we stopped doing ads like this and given the prerogative for this type of marketing fun to the Europeans and Asians. Nothing can be worse than the Viagra and Cialis ads on TV at 7 pm when kids are still watching TV. These are at least funnier. They don’t market ‘Climax’ anymore, but Lorillard is still very much in business. They make Kent cigarettes for a start.


I jumped onto ebay at once, hoping against hope. I wanted memorabilia. I am sure that there will be a market for these. I was right. I am not the only one who thinks that these are priceless. Go check ebay. It was Christmas day. I convinced myself that these were investments. So I bought these two, cheap, items. No, I wasn’t going to spend big bucks on the signs. But, ‘Climax‘ memorabilia is now on my list of collectibles. IF you find good ‘Climax’ ads or products, please share.

myclimax2 myclimax1

Enjoy. Happy New Year.
When you, in 2013, feel a bit down, just think of the ‘Climax Plug’. Sure to bring a smile to your face.

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