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Wolfeboro, NH, ‘First Night’ Celebrations 2013: A Quick Appraisal. It Was Fun. A Curate’s Egg.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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It was fun. Great value for $7.
Just the ‘Blues Brothers the Next Generation’
was well worth three times that.

So the rest was gravy. Thank YOU.

The incomparable, HUGELY fun, amazingly talented ‘The Blues Brothers the Next Generation’. They alone made “First Night” Wolfeboro 2013 memorable. Bravo. Thank you. Thanks to them everything else was gravy. As with the proverbial Curate’s Egg there were some very good bits throughout the night. NO we are not affiliated with them, though I wish we were. Yes, I did chat with them and had a ‘Blues Brothers’ + ‘Anu’ picture taken. And yes, I danced in the aisle wearing their ‘Blues Brothers’ black glasses. Click to ENLARGE.

The fireworks, at 5:30 pm & midnight, were both good. The midnight fireworks were the BEST I have seen in 2 years. It only lasted 2 minutes but it was intense. Multiple rockets at a time. None of this one at a time, just to spread it out. It was a finale from the start! Nothing wrong with that. Less than 30 cars at Brewster to see it. No idea how many others saw it from other locations. It was a blast. I think just about 5 waves of rockets. We were right underneath. It was an experience.

Another indubitable hit, Andrew Pinard, Magician extraordinaire. Wow. Wow. Wow. He was good. Kids just adored him. Great act. He is a local. We should support him. As good as acts you see on TV!

Áine Minogue, a great lady. Beautiful voice. Very nice person. Sound system let her down. Felt bad for her. She tried hard. I wish I could have helped her. They should find her a better venue in future and help her set up her sound system.

Tuckermans at 9 were good, and fun. Very clever. Nice act. Shame that they kind of got overshadowed by the the ‘Blues brothers’ — who were on a roll.

Earth At Its Closest To The Sun For All Of 2013 At Midnight (Eastern) On January 2, 2013. How Cool Is That?

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.


..by Anura Guruge

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I assume that most of you remember or realize that all of the planets in our Solar System have elongated, i.e., elliptical, orbits, as opposed to those that are perfectly circular — with the Sun in the middle.

Planetary orbits, as with the orbits of most celestial bodies, thus have a perihelion and aphelion, i.e., ‘periapsis‘ & ‘apoapsis‘, the nearest and furthest points from the body being orbited; in the case of the planets, this being the Sun.

Given the length of the year, i.e., the time taken for Earth to complete a full orbit of the year, viz. ~365.25 days, the perihelion and aphelion days change from year to year, and contrary to what you would expect they are not related to the two solstices.

This diagram, from Wikipedia, illustrates all the relationships quite nicely:

The Earth’s orbit around the Sun and the key events. Click to access Wikipedia, the source of this diagram.

The 2013 perihelion occurs at 5 am UTC/GMT on January 2, 2013. Since U.S. Eastern time is -5 hours from UTC/GMT, it means that perihelion occurs at midnight, as January 1, 2013 turns into January 2. I think that it is neat.

For those in other U.S. time zones, even Central, the perihelion will occur on New Year’s Day, January 1, 2013.

Yes, the Sun, if you look at it (taking the mandatory precautions) tomorrow, will be bigger. It will continue to be big for a couple of months.

Here is a list of the key Solar dates for 2013, relative to what they were in other years.

These dates and times are from the U.S. Naval Observatory. Click to access. Enjoy.

These dates and times are from the U.S. Naval Observatory. Click to access. Enjoy.