“The Week”, A Weekly Compendium Of News. A Great Substitute For The Now All Digital Newsweek.


Anura Guruge

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Newsweek Magazine Goes ALL DIGITAL …Dec. 19, 2012.

Click to access their Website.

Click to access their Website.

I guess they bought a mailing list of all Newsweek subscribers — now that Newsweek has decided to abandon those like me that still like to read some stuff in print.

A week after Newsweek stopped arriving a copy of this magazine arrived, unsolicited, in the mail. At first I thought, hopefully, that Newsweek had changed its mind. Nope. Ir was a new magazine. I think I might have seen it around, but I am quite sure I had never looked through a copy before.

I glanced through it idly assuming that it would be tripe. I was pleasantly surprised. It is a “Reader’s Digest” of weekly news. It was actually very good. Deanna liked it too! I read it cover to cover.

Deanna has signed up for some ‘free’ deal for x number of issues — before we get billed. It is expensive. I am not sure I want another magazine, now that we are also getting ‘Mental Floss‘. We haven’t got the 2nd copy as yet. I will keep you posted. But, this, to be honest, is BETTER than Newsweek — which of late had become something of a non-entity publication trying to be a National Geographic rather than a news digest.

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