Gunstock Inn, Gilford, NH, Likely To Close Soon According To ‘The Laconia Daily Sun’.


Anura Guruge

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Breaking News: Gunstock Inn is shuttered, at least as of
January 26, 2013, per the ‘Union Leader’

— check this January 29, 2013 post.

Click to read the whole story at the 'Laconia Daily Sun'.

Click to read the whole story at the ‘Laconia Daily Sun’.

That a bank holds a mortgage on this really bothers and bugs me. So the only REAL loser in this is going to be the bank — and if it is a public bank, its poor shareholders.

Yes, anytime anybody walks away from a mortgage it bothers me. Actually happens on this road — even the house across the road. Some of the neighbors, not savvy in matters fiscal, talked about ‘the misfortune’ of the family that walked away. Heck NO. With all of the Home Equity Loans they had piled on that property in the last 4 years before they bid adieu, they walked away with $180,000. To add insult to injury they sold all the appliances and even some of the light fittings. That is not right. I find it hard to appreciate why folks can’t see this for what it is.

I was surprised when these folks bought the Inn. Every once in awhile we watch ‘Hotel Impossible‘ on the Travel Channel and used to be big fans of the BBCHotel Inspector‘. Anthony of ‘Hotel Impossible‘ would say that this was a crazy proposition. They had no experience or background in the hospitality industry. Yes, I know what they did previously and I won’t bring it up. Well, obviously that didn’t help them much either. Yes, it is also true that they were very churlish to me in 2007, when we were homeless — and as such I have no sympathy for them. Yes, I called them up and asked them about getting a suite to tide us over until we could find a place to live. They knew us because we had frequented the Inn — the place that we had got married in 2003. They said that they will call us back. They never did! So, much for their hospitality.

We lucked out. Deanna drove around and found ‘Lazy E Motor Inn‘ at Weirs. Family run. Nicest people in the world. It was Winter and off-season. They gave us this big suite above the main building. It worked out great. We were there for about 2 or 3 weeks until we managed to buy this house. No, we were not totally destitute, just homeless because we had sold our waterfront place in Gilford, prior to being able to find another house. Nothing but the nicest and best words for the ‘Lazy E’. Great place. Great people. That is what an Inn should be. As it happened, we ended back there for a night just a few months later. We lost power in an April storm that washed down much of Prospect Mountain Road. We had only been there 2 months and had not realized that this was ‘Power Out Central‘. Teischan was still a baby, 16 months. No power, no heating. This was prior to us getting our two generators. So we went back to the same room at the ‘Lazy E’. Yet, again the owners were delightful. Got the room ready for us as soon as we called. That is how you win and retain customer loyalty.

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