Google’s Fun ‘Zamboni’ Game (On Its Search Page) To Commermorate Frank Zamboni’s 112th Birthday.


Anura Guruge

Here is the NEW (as of January 17) link to the game.

This is the actual link:


ZambonilogoKind of saw this Google ‘doodle‘ by accident earlier tonight (actually first thing in the morning since I am posting this around 12:30 am on January 16th). Wasn’t sure what it was. Put my mouse over it. “Frank Zamboni’s 112th birthday“. Since I am not into ice skating, in any shape or form, coming from very tropical Ceylon, it took me a second to remember where I had heard that name.

On a whim I clicked on the doodle. Took me the Google Full Page search. Clicked on the Zamboni logo and bang … a game. Quite cute. It will probably be gone tomorrow (Jan. 17).

Access to ALL of Google’s Doodles and GAMES
going back to 1998.

FREE. From Google, of course.

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