Resident Power: Possible Alternatives. I Am Happy, But I Am Also Diligent.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Click to access So far, very good. No problems. But, will I keep on getting the ‘best’ rate, or will I have to shop and swap?

I went and checked my PSNH bill a few minutes ago. Though I get 'power' from 'Resident Power' (PNE), PSNH still delivers it and I pay the entire bill, as before, electronically, to PSNH. My PNE rate is still the same. I then did some arithmetic.

Last month’s bill confirming that I am paying ‘Resident Power’ 7.695 cents per KwH.

Click to access ENH Power.

Click to access ENH Power.

I am a bit leery of these folks from what I have seen on the Web.

I am a bit leery of these folks from what I have seen on the Web.

We have been with ‘Resident Power‘ since June 2012 and have no complaints. But, I still continue to see folks coming here after doing a search along the lines of ‘Resident Power scam‘. I am really, 98% convinced, that there is no scam.

Yesterday, the Bart Fromuth, the Managing Director of Resident Power left a very informative comment.

A couple of months ago I also had a long e-mail from a ‘North American Power’ broker advocating their company and their rates over Resident Power. He talked a lot about their $50/person referral program comparing it to a ‘Friends and Family’ program of a phone company. That made me slightly uneasy. A power supply company should just be focusing on keeping rates down rather than pushing an ‘expensive’ referral program. I did some incisive Googling. I did not like what I saw. The company is probably very legit, but these ‘brokers’ were cut-throat. WOW.

I had also heard about ENH. Their rates, till October 2013, are fractionally cheaper than what I am currently paying.

So, I am not sure what I will be facing come June. It appears that I can stay with Resident Power — seamlessly; but, will I be getting the best rates. I don’t want it to be like my insurance. The longer i stay with them the more expensive it gets! I will continue to keep an eye on this. IF you know about this stuff please let me know. If it is unbiased I will post it — gladly.

I also worry that PSNH will retaliate by increasing their delivery charges, though I hear that they just reduced them. I do not trust PSNH. Plus, if more people abandon PSNH what will happen to our ‘service’ when we lose power. Will we be down to just their $600K per year VPs and their dogs — and no line crews? In NH there are NO cheap- lunches let alone free lunches. So, by hook or by crook we will end up paying for this cheap power — some other ay. Yes, I head that PSNH has tried, thrice, to introduce an ‘alternate energy’ tax. So, let us stay on our toes, before PSNH steps on them, HARD.

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