A (Robert/Robbie) Burns Supper In New Hampshire On The Day, His Birthday, January 25, 2013. Yeah!


Anura Guruge

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I am so relieved that I managed to find (so far) at least one bona fide Supper, on the day, in NH
— though I am not that thrilled that it is at noon, which rather than being incongruous, borders on being blasphemous,
since the consumption of a wee dram or two (and maybe a few more)
is obligatory to honor the great man.

If you are aware of other Suppers, on the day
(those pushed back to a weekend don’t count),
in NH please let us know.

I thought there used to be one in Center Harbor, Moultonbotough
or was it North Conway?


The restaurant
(which I am unfamiliar with, not having dined in Peterborough in 15 years).


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