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Volkswagen’s Super Bowl XLVII ‘Jamaican’ Ad. Is Racist! What I Expect From German Car Makers.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access 'The Washington Times' article and video. Video also available on YouTube.

Click to access ‘The Washington Times’ article and video. Video also available on YouTube.

Yes, I know. So many don’t even know about the Berlin 1936 Olympics and the snubbing of U.S. hero Jesse Owens.

I vowed never to buy a German car in 1982 after my first visit to Liverpool, England. You could still see empty blocks from the German bombing 40 years earlier. I have been steadfast. I have never bought one and will openly criticize those that do. Right now there are plenty of U.S., Korean or British alternatives. The new Buicks, Fords, Chryslers and Lincolns look much more compelling to me than a bloody German car. If you want high-end, go Cadillac or Jag. Buy Italian. They were always harmless. They never bombed anyone other than themselves.

This ad. just confirms what I have always known. And I won’t even talk about the time when a bloody German tourist, just jumped into my moored boat at Meredith harbor to get a picture. I treated him to a verbal diatribe, without once using a swear word, that had all those standing on the dock shocked. He ran.

This ad is offensive. Jamaicans rock. Usain Bolt is Jamican. Bob Marley is Jamaican. Michael Holding is Jamican. This ad is pure German.

Do you know that story: ‘No, no maan. My tattoo doesn’t say “Wendy”. You crazy, maan? Mine says: “Welcome to Jamaica and have a nice day”‘.

You do know that story, right? The man from Chicago that has his new wife’s name, ‘Wendy‘, tattooed onto his pecker before going on their honeymoon to Jamaican clothing optional resort and meeting a Jamaican who also had ‘Wy‘ showing on his flaccid pecker. Well, that is the keyword when it comes to German cars: flaccid. [P.S., My father, or more to the point his wife owns a Mercedes, and I tell my father off about that. But, my father isn’t British and he, having grown up under British rule of Ceylon, isn’t (to my amusement), that fond of the British — though my mother, an anglophile, insisted that I had a full British upbringing, cocooned in British books and culture.]

FireFox 18.0.1: ‘Clear History’ Causes A Hang. Clears Cookies Too. Not Good.


Anura Guruge

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historyclearjan30Between Deanna and I this has happened thrice in the last 5 days. Not good. Happened to Deanna as soon as she had upgraded to FireFox 18.0.1. I also had it happen the first full day that I used 18.0.1.

Then it was fine for 3 or 4 days, and I clear my cache QUITE often, at a minimum last thing ‘at night’ (or more like 1 am) before I shutdown the PC. Then happened again last night.

Have to cancel FireFox from the ‘Task Manager’ to get around the FireFox. FireFox starts again fine and ‘Clear History’ will work again. Have done 4 clears since then without problem. In my case the problem appears to be related to the size of the cache — i.e., 6 or 7 hours in between clears. I can go through 400 pages in 6 or 7 hours! I invariably have 12 tabs open on FireFox, across two instances of FireFox: using a dual monitor configuration. So, yes, I push the limits, but this shouldn’t be an issue. Prior to 18.0.1, I can only remember one ‘Clear History’ hang and that was months ago.

I only clear cookies once a month — mid-month. Part of my regular maintenance schedule. Last night, when it hung, it had cleared my cookies. Not a big deal. Just need to logon to some services.

But, a heads up. I did a Google. Doesn’t look like this is a widespread problem — BUT, then again, how many people clear their history as regularly as I do?

Alton Central School (ACS), NH: Phone Notification System Fails AGAIN.


Anura Guruge

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It has happened AGAIN. Happened in October with the ‘Hurricane Sandy‘ school closing and today with the 2 hour school delay.

This is not acceptable. More than ever, with everything you see on the news, including the school bus hijacking yesterday, parents expect (and hope) that the notification system works.

These problems are new as of this school year. This system has worked immaculately in past years.

So what has changed? Pretty obvious to me.

In life there are things that are easy to fix and things that are not as easy to fix. In the case of ACS, fixing overall security or getting rid of the modulars is not easy. Fixing the notification system is. It should be zero tolerance. The administration should not tolerate incompetence not when safety is an issue.

Deanna tells me that others are upset too, as they should be. Supposedly on the ACS Facebook page.

To me the answer very simple. Lets see if they do anything.


Radio Ceylon: The Radio Station Sir Edmund Hillary Listened To While Making The 1st Known Successful Summit Of Mt. Everest.


Anura Guruge

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This is a precursor article to one that I want to write on Ceylon (Sri Lanka) Independence Day on February 4.

The ‘old’ Radio Ceylon building in the 1950s and 1960s. I remember it well. Visited it a few times with my father. Click IF you are interested to read a British-bashing article related to Radio Ceylon.

The ‘old’ Radio Ceylon building in the 1950s and 1960s. I remember it well. Visited it a few times with my adoptive father. Click IF you are interested to read a British-bashing article related to Radio Ceylon.

Note the claim, said boldly, ‘most powerful Commercial Radio Station in Asia’. Quite a claim for a small country, albeit with a big heart. But, this explains the Mount Everest connection. Only English broadcast that reached that far — all the way across India. Click to ENLARGE.

Another confirmation of its transmitting power, its radio waves making it to the U.S.A. in 1959.

Radio Ceylon, originally known as Colombo Radio, is the oldest radio station in Asia.

It was started on an experimental basis, within the Telegraph Department, in 1923.
The original transmitting equipment came from a captured German submarine.
The 1923 inception puts it just 3 years behind the start of radio broadcasting in Europe!

As the above images attest, it claimed to be the most powerful Commercial Radio Station in Asia.

My goal here is just to provide a head’s up on this historic radio station, the only one that I had access to until I got my hands on a shortwave radio when I was about 8.

Over the last few years I have met two young Americans, both with degrees, that had spent 3 months or more in New Zealand, one of them a member of the U.S. Ski Team had gone there to ski. I had asked both of them as to who was the most famous New Zealander. Neither could give me a name. That surprised me. They had never heard of Sir Edmund Hillary, though as far as I know he still appears on their $5 bill. I would have also accepted Richard Hadlee, Glenn Turner or Bev Congdon.

Edmund Hillary, on May 29, 1953, became the first CONFIRMED person to reach the summit of Mt. Everest, with and Tenzing Norgay (as he has later stated) a few steps behind. The reason that the first ‘confirmed’ has to be used is that it is possible that the British George Mallory and Andrew Irvine, who both perished on the mountain in 1934 trying to summit, might have succeeded individually or together before their deaths. Edmund and Tenzing were well aware of it and it has never been an issue.

In my mid-20s, i.e., mid-1970s, I was totally fascinated by Mt. Everest. My father tells me that I have seen it, from the air, in 1956 when he took us all on an extended jaunt around India. But, I was only 3. I do remember getting on the first plane from Colombo to India. It is my first real memory. I remember bits, but not Mt. Everest (assuming we actually went that far North, i.e., to the Nepal border). I think I have read every major book, written in English, about Everest. I still have a few Everest books, three of which, one by Edmund, the other by the team leader Colonel Hunt and another about Tenzing, are quite old, and I assume are rare by now.

In my readings I remember reading that Edmund listened to Radio Ceylon while he was camping, atop the mountain, close to the summit. I wanted to make sure I captured that. But, I didn’t have to worry. Somebody else had also made sure that it would be captured and stored on the Web for posterity.

So I can conclude this post. I will refer to it, with luck, in the next few days.