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Disney On Ice: Treasure Trove, Manchester, NH, Verizon Arena, January 30, 2013. We Went. It Was Fun. Some Pictures.


Anura Guruge

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All the pictures by Deanna with her new Panasonic ZS20 (without flash).

I will admit it. It exceeded my expectations, but I hadn’t set the bar very high. But, lets face it, I was far from the target audience. The kids were mesmerized, tantalized and given a magical carpet ride, both figuratively and literally. What more can you ask. Yes, it was good. It was fun. It was slick. It was Disney with a Feld twist (see the top, very cute, thank you e-mail from them). Feld’s are who do the ‘Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey‘ circus, in Manchester, that we go to each year, without fail. Given our familiarity with the circus, we could see the similarities. But, that is OK. The Feld’s try hard.

The show was choreographed to the minute. 40 minute first half, 1 hour second half. Started at 7, finished, on the nose at 9. Not counting the Disney key character cameos, they did 8 or 9 Disney shows: Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Lion King, Snow White, Aladdin, Little Mermaid, Tangled, Super Heroes etc. Alice, Peter Pan, Toy Story and Aladdin were long, featured segments. The others were shorter. The Lion King dramatization with costumes was brilliant, pure Geld circus. It was good. I particularly liked the lighted lanterns from Tangled. That was a nice touch. That was my favorite.

That we paid $15 seat, not counting the 57% markup by the despicable TicketMaster, made it even better. We had reasonable seats, but not together. Teischan had a ‘B’ row seat. So 2nd row OFF the ice. I think it was too close. But she loved it. Deanna sat directly behind her in ‘C’ and I sat in ‘D’. Devanee sat in ‘F’, and though she acted as if she was not amused, liked the show. She probably had the best seat, given the banking.

A Few Random Observations & Comments:
>> They started the show by TRYING to get the audience to get up and do some warm up exercises. They, with the help of the Super Heroes, were stressing the importance of exercise. That was good. I was impressed. That only 25% of the audience stood up, as urged, to swing a leg reminded me that this was NH. No, I didn’t bother to get up. But, I had slogged up Prospect Mountain for my 2.25 mile run before the show. But, here is what spoiled it all. The male Master of Ceremonies that they had, introducing this exercise segment, dressed in a tight black sweat shirt, looked like he was 13 months pregnant! Talk about setting a bad example. Reminded me, at once, about Destination Imagination NH and going to their meets. All these good people stand up and extol the kids of numerous uplifting virtues, but many of them look as if they are wearing fat suits to appear funny.

>> Every time I go to the Verizon I am struck by what a big problem we have in NH, especially in the Winter, with OBESITY. I was just looking at the men, acutely aware that I still need to lose 15 pounds — having already lost 5 pounds since last week. [Deanna admitted that she hates me!] What can I say. I asked my friend, ‘my brain‘, to help. So many of the men are grotesquely obese! This is not good.

>> They were advertising event parking at $10, $15 and $25! It was a 7pm show. I didn’t appreciate it, but the meters near the Verizon, during the week, are 8am to 8pm. But, they are only 75 cents an hour, two hour max. So even at 6pm you could get a ticket valid till 8pm for $1.50. After 8pm it is free! I guess people don’t know the parking situation around the arena. That is a pity.

>> The economy has to be good in NH. People were spending money on food, drinks, cotton candy and the toys like there was no tomorrow. That is good. Good for the economy. I was pleased. We didn’t buy anything in the arena (for a change). The kids are getting better. They now realize that the LED Mohawk headgear you buy for $20 at the Verizon is available in the mall for $2.

Alton Central School (ACS), NH: Phone Notification System — THE CRITICAL CHANGE.


Anura Guruge

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Kudos and thanks for Alton School Board Member,
Steve Miller,

for helping me pursue this issue.

Thank you for Lynn Whitehouse of ACS
who called me this morning

and patiently explaining how the system works.
Lynn is always good.

I have cracked the code.

Thanks to Lynn I now know that ACS make a distinction between ‘emergencies‘ and closing/delays. That makes all the difference.

‘Emergencies’, which could include notification of the cancellation of afternoon, after-school programs, result in phone calls going out to ALL listed phone numbers — plus e-mail. That would explain why this Monday we got 3 phone calls and two e-mails.

School cancellations and delays don’t count as emergencies. So only ONE call per family is made; to the phone number they have at the top of the list. So, that explains why the cell phones didn’t ring yesterday.

But, here is the issue. Deanna, who stays on top of this stuff, was NOT aware that delays/cancellations ONLY go to one phone numbers. She also assures me that others had the same problem yesterday.

So, here is the ISSUE as I see it now, thanks to Lynn.

Parents need to know that delays/cancellations ONLY go to one phone number — and THEY need to make sure it is the right one.

With luck, Deanna with her magic on Facebook, will determine how many other mothers knew of this little wrinkle. It is pretty clear to me. I had our list juggled around so that Deanna’s cell is now at the top of the list.

So, just a heads up.

Again, many thanks to Steve and Lynn.

I Just Stormed Out Of The Alton Vets. Never Going Back There Again! My Time Is Valuable TOO.


Anura Guruge

We had a 11:30 appointment to get some shots for Maya.

We got there on time. There were two people ahead of us, which is par for the course. When we checked in, and I think we know the receptionist, there was no mention of any delays.

Noon comes along. There is still one person ahead of us. In between I had sprinted to the library and back to get a paper.

12:05 comes along. Still nothing. Yes, you can see him levitating around.

That was it. This has happened before and OF COURSE all doctors and other professionals like to play this waiting game. Yes, it is part of their ‘I am so much more important than you’ game.

Well screw that. The Alton vet does this all the time — at least in our case, and I fully appreciate that I am at the very bottom of the Totem Pole around here.

Don’t give me any mitigation like ‘oh, he has to deal with emergencies‘. We have had emergencies including a dying puppy. We were told when we could come in, and all of that around the 3 hour daily siesta he takes. And, that, of course is his prerogative. [They have our phone numbers. They could have called us. No. He thinks he has right, which he very well might.]

All I can do is to stop going there. Which is what I am going to do. Yes, I know he doesn’t need my business. I am small potatoes and he is richer than God. I know all of that. I even know that he studied at the Vatican.

Yes, I also know that it takes forever to be a vet and that they are one of the most qualified of professionals. I am happy for them. Congratulations. Maybe they should take a refresher course in humility.

OK. I now feel better. Deanna is not happy that I stormed out. She is much more patient, as you would expect, being married to me. But, time is my thing. Wasting time physically hurts me! Yes, of course, my problem. But, my stomach starts going into very painful knots when I feel that I am wasting my time. Which is why I sprinted, and I did sprint for a change, to go and get a paper. At least if I am reading I don’t feel so bad.

Google Doodle For Baseball Legend Jackie Robinson: First Black Player In U.S. Major League Baseball.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access the official 'Jackie Robinson' site ... with movies.

Click to access the official ‘Jackie Robinson’ site … with movies.

This is pretty neat and it is a impressively bold doodle. Bravo.

For today, January 31, 2013, you will be able to see it by going to the Google default search page
or by clicking on a Google icon. It doesn’t appear on all of the small,
Google header icons [e.g., top of Google News].