I Just Stormed Out Of The Alton Vets. Never Going Back There Again! My Time Is Valuable TOO.


Anura Guruge

We had a 11:30 appointment to get some shots for Maya.

We got there on time. There were two people ahead of us, which is par for the course. When we checked in, and I think we know the receptionist, there was no mention of any delays.

Noon comes along. There is still one person ahead of us. In between I had sprinted to the library and back to get a paper.

12:05 comes along. Still nothing. Yes, you can see him levitating around.

That was it. This has happened before and OF COURSE all doctors and other professionals like to play this waiting game. Yes, it is part of their ‘I am so much more important than you’ game.

Well screw that. The Alton vet does this all the time — at least in our case, and I fully appreciate that I am at the very bottom of the Totem Pole around here.

Don’t give me any mitigation like ‘oh, he has to deal with emergencies‘. We have had emergencies including a dying puppy. We were told when we could come in, and all of that around the 3 hour daily siesta he takes. And, that, of course is his prerogative. [They have our phone numbers. They could have called us. No. He thinks he has right, which he very well might.]

All I can do is to stop going there. Which is what I am going to do. Yes, I know he doesn’t need my business. I am small potatoes and he is richer than God. I know all of that. I even know that he studied at the Vatican.

Yes, I also know that it takes forever to be a vet and that they are one of the most qualified of professionals. I am happy for them. Congratulations. Maybe they should take a refresher course in humility.

OK. I now feel better. Deanna is not happy that I stormed out. She is much more patient, as you would expect, being married to me. But, time is my thing. Wasting time physically hurts me! Yes, of course, my problem. But, my stomach starts going into very painful knots when I feel that I am wasting my time. Which is why I sprinted, and I did sprint for a change, to go and get a paper. At least if I am reading I don’t feel so bad.

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