Another ‘Must Read’ Letter In The Jan. 31, 2013, Baysider, About The Alton Central $18 Million Plan (Again).


Anura Guruge

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Click to access 'The Baysider' article in the Jan. 31, 2013 issue.

Click to access ‘The Baysider’ article in the Jan. 31, 2013 issue.

I do not know this gentleman, or at least I think I don’t know him. I am very bad with names and faces. So he could be a parent that I chatted with, but never knew his name.

As with Steve Miller’s letter two weeks ago, I liked this letter. I liked it a lot. It hit a chord.

A few of the points mentioned have been discussed on this blog, relative to my post endorsing Steve Miller’s letter.

I am not sure if all of the points are accurate. I had thought that the infamous survey was conducted using grant money. If it was not, I would be distressed. As far as I know, there are ‘x’ kids in ACS right now, who are technically homeless, that ‘x’, as far as I remember, in the ‘6’ range. Plus there are over a dozen kids who are considered at risk for not getting a proper meal during the weekend. ACS packs backpacks for them with food. Sod a survey. If we have that kind of money to burn the board should be using it to feed these poor kids or get them housing.

The issue of the ‘one architect’ that I griped about comes up. I have an e-mail, from an interested party, that implies that the architect was paid — albeit, not the $750,000. Having just one firm, with so much to gain, bothers me. Mr. Daniels, as did I, mentions LOCAL experts. He also talks about cost per square feet. Yes, in the past, when I lived in Meredith and Gilford I explored adding extensions. Had binders of builders giving me estimates. I remember them always talking about $1xx per square foot. I had also heard that when I was buying property (and I have bought and sold quite a few) and especially when I was having them appraised. So, that had crossed my mind. Asking some of OUR parent builders what they would estimate per Square Foot. Some of them have built mansions. They would know.

My background is all in corporate. In the corporate world some of the words that we had to always contend with were: due diligence, full disclosure, conflict of interest. Well, as the comments have loved to point out I am not an expert in this matter — and do not plan to be. I don’t keep a dog and bark myself. I totally trust people like Steve Miller and I know that he, also with a solid corporate background, knows his stuff.

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