Thank YOU PSNH. That Was Outstanding. I Am Glad You Take Care Of My Lines.


Anura Guruge

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Teischan and Deanna had noticed this morning that the top of one of our trees, by the road, had snapped off. If was not totally separated. But it was down, at 90°, albeit held up by the tops of its companion tree. This broken top was right above all of the utility wires coming from the street pole to the house. We have quite a few wires. PSNH, two TDS fiber lines for out two separate Internet feeds and unused Metrocast cables.

With a Nor-Easter expected on Friday Deanna was convinced that this ‘branch’ would come crashing down taking with it all the lines and cables. I was going to try and take it down. I am a fairly decent lumberjack, though Deanna never gives me the deserved credit.

Deanna called PSNH. She said she was worried. They made her go outside and look. Yes, the fallen bits of the tree were touching PSNH wires. They said they will look into it. Deanna, looking upwards at the lines, fell down and slipped down the bank. She was not amused. PSNH said they will have it looked at within 24 hours.

We had to go to see Al Gore in Concord. We left around 11 am.

We got back at 3:30. PSNH had come and cleared up everything. They even trimmed around the damage to prevent future trouble. They had done an awesome job. Neat, tidy and thorough.

I am very impressed. I am very pleased. I am very grateful.

I always believe in giving credit when credit is due. THANK YOU PSNH.

This is why, in my last post, I worried as to what will happen to PSNH if we all went with the cheaper alternate energy providers.

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