Alton Central School (ACS), NH: Phone Notification System — Still In Flux.


Anura Guruge

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You have to read the above posts, at least the January 31st one, to appreciate the issue.

I had heard yesterday from Deanna, who hears about this stuff, that they were still having issues with the notification system. I am glad that the ACS Director of Technology was just voted the best in the States. Just think, if she wasn’t the best, ACS would probably he trying to notify us of school closings using smoke signals or carrier pigeons (though neither are that good in snow). So, we should be glad.

So, I was told just 9 days ago that there is a difference: emergency vs. notification. Notification, i.e., school delays and closing, only result in one call per family, emergencies, i.e., afternoon activities cancelled, goes to all listed phone numbers.

Well, appears that they still can’t get the notification system working properly.

This morning, though it was but a school closing, i.e., notification, they called on ALL lines. So we got 3 calls plus e-mail. THAT IS FINE. Thank you. Better than not getting one. Just seems crazy that they can’t get the system sorted out.

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