Russian Meteor Fireball Explosion: The Conspiracy Theory. I Think It Was Manmade, Intentional Or Otherwise.


Anura Guruge

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Though many don’t realize this I spent quite a bit of time working on astronomy, these days even at the expense of Popes and cardinals.


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As I have intimated of late, I have been spending most of time studying and writing about Near Earth Objects (NEOs): asteroids, comets and man made objects [e.g., satellites, spacecraft and debris].

As soon as I saw the news about the Russian meteor a thought crossed my mind. This could have been man made!

Yes, it could have been space debris, probably Russian, given that they were notorious for their littering of space (some due to all of their many spacecrafts that blew up). But, could it have been intentional. A drone? The U.S. checking out Russia’s much speculated space defense.

Bottom line: I am not convinced that this was a chunk of an asteroid or comet. It could have been. Just something tells me that this just didn’t seem right.

1 thought on “Russian Meteor Fireball Explosion: The Conspiracy Theory. I Think It Was Manmade, Intentional Or Otherwise.

  1. Matt Todd

    I do not buy into the belief that this was a man made object. It was most definitely a meteor. Why is it so hard to believe that a gigantic piece of rock and metal can fall from space with all the proof we have that they exist. Have you ever seen a meteor shower or a shooting star? Same concept, the only difference is that this piece of rock was much larger. Oh and by the way, just because the Russians dump garbage into space does not mean it will fall to Russia, it could fall down to anywhere on the Earth and it would most definitely burn up to nothing before getting close to the people. Sorry but you are highly wrong feel free to check out any of these sites to further properly educate yourself on the Russian meteor incident.


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