‘Resident Power’ Supplier ‘PNE’ Runs Out Of Money! We Get Screwed. Automatically Switched To PSNH! I Am Not Happy.

Anura Guruge, laughing, picture November 16, 2011.

by Anura Guruge

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Click to read full 'Concord Monitor' article.

Click to read full ‘Concord Monitor’ article.

I am devastated. I can’t believe that their Managing Director Bart Fromuth was on here just 32 days ago singing the praises of Resident Power when he must have known that they had issues, with PNE, my supplier.

At least we now know the numbers. Resident Power or PNE  only had 8,500 customers!

Yes, I had a letter saying we are being switched. Too late.

I can’t believe I got sucked in. This is diabolical. I had said all along that: ‘if it was a scam, I wasn’t sure what the angle was‘. I am now mad. Not sure what PSNH will charge us. I know this will end up costing me money. I am sure PSNH will charge me higher rates for some of this. Plus the hassle. Last thing I needed right now.

We just signed up with ENH Power. You have to do it quick, before your next meter reading.

I hate when I get mugged. I was not expecting this. I should have been wary. If it looks too good to be true, it probably is not true.

7 thoughts on “‘Resident Power’ Supplier ‘PNE’ Runs Out Of Money! We Get Screwed. Automatically Switched To PSNH! I Am Not Happy.

  1. Lucas Llama

    your information is false! Resident Power is not out of business, get your facts straight before posting libel. One of the suppliers Resident Power uses just went out of business. No one has been scammed, and all of the customers have been contacted with a notification letting them know that they can re enroll with Resident Power with a simple response to the email, and they will be enrolled with a new supplier within a week.

    1. aguruge Post author

      Do you work for ‘Resident Power’? Is ‘Lucas Llama’ your real name? What kind of e-mail is that? Check the stuff I experienced with Twitter. Thanks. Cheers.

  2. Bart Fromuth


    You cant believe everything you read in the papers. The Concord Monitor did not have their facts correct and you are accusing me of lying to you and knowing that PNE was in trouble when I posted… I encourage you to read the NY Times article last week about the collapse of the New England electricity market and how quickly it occurred.

    I value all of our customers’ business and your business as well. To say these things without doing the research that you typically do for your blog is troubling. Also, Resident Power has over 14,000 customers, only some of whom were placed with PNE. So many of the papers missed it, and missed it big… Further, PNE did not go out of business. PNE suffered from cash flow issues when the electricity markets soared from .04 cents a kwh to over .30 cents a kwh during the final week of January, where they hung for two weeks. Even now, wholesales prices remain around .14 cents per kwh. There is a significant natural gas shortage in the Northeast right now. We have all this domestic natural gas, but unfortunately we dont have the pipeline space to get it up to New England in the quantities we now need to run our market efficiently and cost effectively. When natural gas prices plummeted in 2012, many electricity generators switched from oil and coal to low cost, low pollutant natural gas. Without the pipelines to meet the increased natural gas demand many of the generators are unable to produce their usual quantities. As the times article stated “too many straws” sipping into the same soft drink.

    The point is this is a market wide issue and PNE is far from the only supplier that has had a nightmare February and they will likely not be the last.

    I am glad you were able to find a new rate with ENHPower. But we are still alive and well and helping to port those impacted customers over to other suppliers. Please remember that before you pass judgment, this residential choice marketplace was started by Resident Power and PNE. Both were serving customers over a year before the other alternative providers arrived. Both are NH owned and operated and employ hard working NH folks. ENH Power is from Maine and North American is from Connecticut… Anyway, I hope that as more news stories surface and you begin to learn the truth of what has happened you will come back to Resident Power and support us as you had done so loyally in the past. I wish you and your wife the best, as she was also a big supporter of ours on Facebook.


    Bart Fromuth

    1. aguruge Post author

      First and foremost lets get the facts well in place. I never accused you of lying! So don’t make it up. Unbecoming. I am way too savvy to do that. What I said was that you were signing the praises without any mention of potential trouble. That is not the same as saying you lied. That is saying that you might not have disclosed. So, get your facts right. I don’t appreciate you, of all people, telling me what I said and what I did’t. You broke your compact and contract with us — at multiple levels. A bit of humility on your part might serve you well in the months to come.
      Before you try to mount your high horse I went by what I had heard on TV and read in the Monitor. I had been switched to PSNH. Of, that there is no doubt or debate. That happened. That was fact. Here is a screenshot of the e-mail I got from ‘Resident Power’ informing me that I had been sent back to PSNH. I was not happy. That is a fact too. I don’t need to hear your mitigation. I don’t bother you with my problems. Your flap could NOT have come at a worse time for me. But, you wouldn’t know that. I am a papal historian and the pope has resigned. I have work to do. Not scramble around trying to find another provider. I had an agreement with you for a year and YOU reneged on that. You want to argue that? I was transferred to PSNH and I managed, because we are quick, to get switched to ENHP. Those are the facts. I would not have been able to switch IF YOU hadn’t dropped me. So, as I said before get off your high horse and show some contrition. IT was not our fault. We did no wrong. We supported you, sang your praises until you kicked me in the teeth and then come here not even showing any remorse. I got the 8500 number from the Monitor. I fixed that. Yes, accuracy is my trademark. If I make mistakes I fix them. And I will leave at that.
      So that is where we stand. Thanks for your kind words at the end. OK? All the best.

      1. Bart Fromuth


        when you are right, you are right. I should have started off by apologizing first and foremost for the confusion that has been caused. I should not have engaged in debate. You are an unhappy customers and you had every right to be that way. I was trying to clean up the inaccurate stories that had been circulating about Resident Power and treated you as another media source, and that was wrong. I should have been speaking to you from a perspective of “how can i make this right”. I hope that over time, I will be able to win back your support.

        All the best,


      2. aguruge Post author

        That is a good start. Maybe you need to hire me, a proven high tech spin doctor, to help you weather the coming storm — and believe me you haven’t experienced anything yet. OK. Good start. I do wish you well. Have a nice weekend. Cheers, Anura

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