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Disrespecting The Office Of The President Has To Always Be Wrong.


Anura Guruge

We had to pick up Teischan from Alton Central (ACS) early today. We had to go to Boston for an appointment. We went to pick her up at 11 am, which is when the Kindergarteners are coming out.

Parked right by the paved walkway to the front door was an SUV with a bumper sticker on its window with a picture of President Obama and the word ‘Ass’.

I was saddened and shocked.

Whether you like him or not as a person or as a political figure, he is, whether we like it or not, the legitimately elected, with a plurality of the popular vote to boot (never mind the Electoral College), the President of the United States Of America.

Insulting him, insults the Office of the Presidency of the United States Of America.

Insulting him, insults what he stands for while he is in office, the country that he is the President of: United States Of America.

Insulting him, insults the whole notion of democracy, given that he is a democratically elected president.

Just like you would not insult the flag, a policeman or a child, it is improper to personally insult any Head of State, especially that of the only world Super Power.

Of course you can make jokes about him, and I frequently do.

But, a bumper sticker alluding that he is an ass only makes an ass of the person that thought it was appropriate.

My primary concern was the impact of that bumper sticker on the KIDS of ACS. It was pictorial, and ‘ASS’ is not too difficult a word to read. Do we really want kids to think that calling the President of the United States Of America an ass is acceptable? That is no way to teach them to respect the country, the presidency, democracy, and the privilege of living in a country where you can have bumper stickers about a president.

Yes, there is 1st amendment and then there is what is right and what is wrong.

Calling him an ‘ass’ matters no jot to him, to his followers or fans. His status and stature in history has already been indelibly etched. Not only is he the first non-white president, he is also twice-elected, a Nobel laureate, a successful author and a pretty decent golfer. When American 5th graders are learning U.S. history in the year 2213, Obama’s name will be alongside that of Lincoln. Regan and the two Bushes might not even get a mention, joining the long list of forgotten presidents.

OK, I feel better now.