TDS Internet (Broadband Fiber) Outage In Alton, NH: Tuesday, February 26, 2013.


Anura Guruge

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The wife and kids woke me up this morning, at 8 am, with the news: ‘we have no Internet‘!

That to me is always a painful punch in the stomach.

Ruins my day. But, I tried to stay as unagitated as possible. It has been 3 bad days in a row for me — and I am crazy busy with all that is going on at the Vatican. On Sunday night I published my 3rd Kindle eBook related to Pope Benedict XVI’s (#266) resignation and the upcoming sede vacante and conclave. My two pope blogs have had over 150,000 hits in the last two weeks. One of them, Papam, to do with pope elections, has had 3,000 more hits so far in 2013 than it did in all of 2011 — and this is a fairly well visited blog. On Sunday, I lost my 25″ main monitor. On Monday, yesterday, I lost power. Today, I lost Internet. I appear to be fated.

Luckily we were going to Laconia for a 10 am appointment. So, I wasn’t going to use my computer.

This was the first TDS outage, as far as I know, since January 17, 2013. So, that was 40 days ago. Not great, but not too bad either.

But, I couldn’t take it anymore. Today was the last straw. We need Internet access. That is why I have two separate Fiber lines coming into the house and pay TDS big bucks for the privilege.

So, after the appointment we drove to U.S. Cellular in Tilton. Yes, we drove past the U.S. Cellular ‘outlet’ at the Belmont Mall. They are a ‘franchise’ (or similar) — while the Tilton ‘office’ is U.S. Cellular owned. I have been going to them for years — after they moved out of the little, but great, ‘kiosk’ they used to have at the Gilford Walmart. ‘My man’, Jason, is no longer there. He was GREAT. He is now the Tech. Lead for them in Concord. But, we got to see one of his friends, ‘Deb’. She is good too. Very understanding and caring. [U.S. Cellular is owned by TDS!]

What we needed was a mobile hotspot — and that is what we got. Got the cheapest plan. This is purely for backup. We are supposed to have 30 Mbps capacity coming into the house — and I check, with, on a regular basis, that at least my dedicated line gibes me at least 14.5 Mbps.

Haven’t used it yet. The capacity drop 100 fold when roaming. But, we don’t roam that often. I will let you know. Because we are on a hill we are supposed to get 4G. It is on their map. Our house is right on the edge of this small 4G cloud centered around Prospect Mountain.


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