Science Museum At Manchester, NH Was Anticlimactic and Disappointing.


Anura Guruge

It was school vacation for Teischan this week and as we had gone to Boston just last week, we decided to stay local. We heard about the robotic dinosaur exhibit at the adjacent Millyard Museum (when we were at our wonderful optometrist, Dr. Eakin, on Tuesday) and decided to make an afternoon/evening at the Science Center. We had a bunch of things to do in Manchester, including having a leisurely lunch at our favorite ‘Red Arrow‘. We got to the museum around 3:40 pm expecting to stay there till about 6:30 — and then go for dinner. As we were parking Devanee saw a sign that said that it closes at 4 pm. I didn’t believe that. We went in. Both the exhibit and the museum do indeed close each weekday at 4 pm. That is ludicrous. The Boston ‘Museum of Science‘ stays open till 9pm.

4pm, daily, for a museum is so, so provincial. So country bumpkinish. I couldn’t believe it. In Manchester. It is another sad joke.

I was disgusted. And that is it. Not going back there again. Wasn’t very impressed any way. To say it was small is an understatement.

I am a Granite State Ambassador (GSA). I really am interested in enhancing NH’s tourist worth. Stuff like this just doesn’t help.

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