Was The Young Lady, Dianna Hanson, Killed By A Lion In California Menstruating? That Could Be A Huge Clue.


Anura Guruge

Click to access YouTube video.

Click to access YouTube video.

I am in no way trying to be crude or prying. I have way to much respect for anybody involved with animal conservation to in any way disrespect them. I am also very fond of big cats.

Though by no means an expert, I do know a fair amount about the behavior and traits of Indian elephants and big cats. Another one of my areas of interests — which in this case has spanned four decades.

I hope somebody knows the answer to the above question. Hopefully the coroner checked.

IF she was, then it should be factored into big cat handling protocol. Female handlers should be told to take extra care or even stay away when they are menstruating.

Obviously there are hormones and smells involved. Google it if you wish, but it is fairly self evident. If a dog will react to it, you can be sure that a BIG male cat will not miss it.

That would explain so much. Hormones on both sides.

That is my hunch on this tragic incident.

I have been VERY IMPRESSED by the father. Bravo. Here is a link. If any of my kids wanted to work with wild life, I would not stop them. You have to do what you want to do. That they shot the lion distresses me and I know that the young lady too, if she was alive, would be distressed. It is a shame.

But, lets try and learn from this.
Somebody better find the answer to MY question.

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