Alton, NH, $18.6 Million School ‘Renovation’ Bond Fails To Pass. Just 48.4% ‘Yes’. So What Is The ‘Plan B’ Now?


Anura Guruge

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The vote for the $18.6 M bond failed to get even 50% of the vote.

No = 731, Yes = 685.

Total votes cast = 1,416.

Yes % = 48.38%.

So not even 50%.

So what now, mad cow? What is ‘Plan B’. Prior to the deliberative session I advocated the need for a ‘Plan B’. But, people thought they knew better. Well … what now, mad cow?

Everybody agrees, vehemently, that something has to be done to fix the issues at the school. I have yet to meet anybody who disagrees with the need for some renovation. The issue has been the price tag.

That is why I was an open supporter of Steve Miller’s $7 Million bond proposal.

Those that zeroed it down. What now, mad cow?

I have already heard that the new ‘Plan B’ is to try again for the $18 M bond next year. Tell me that that is a joke.

Already we are close to the definition for insanity. Repeatedly doing the same thing HOPING for a different outcome.

Well we know who put the school and kids in this sorry situation. Those that just could not see in them a way to compromise. I hope some have the decency to resign from the various boards and let some new folks come up with some new proposals that can get the votes. Our kids deserve better.

Steve Miller said it so well. They were going on

The dice as it did last year did not come up the way they wanted.

Time for a realistic proposal that can get the votes.

For Alton Selectmen:
Lawerence Tilly  468
Robert Loring Carr   600
Robert W. Daniels   690
Stephen P. Miller   480

School Board:
Krista A. Argiropolis  672
Carlos Martinez  660
Christine Michaud-Tilly  643
(Write-in) Mary Doherty Murphy   97

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