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I Am Locked Out Of My GoDaddy WordPress Blog As The New Pope Is Elected!


Anura Guruge

Same issue I had the day the pope announced his resignation. They helped me out big time that day.

We had thought my troubles were over.

Appears not.

Yes, I have called my contact at the ‘Presidents Office’. He is very good. He is looking into what has happened.

Kind of frustrating.

It appears that I had 20,000 hits in 2 hours. They somehow managed to tweak it again. I was able to login and get some posts done. That was a relief.

I shouldn’t have got stressed, but I did.

I will confess, I am not happy. There is no point having a blog if I can’t update it when people are MOST interested in it.

Luckily I am going to be ratcheting down my work on popes, now that we have a new pope. My BIG thing was the ‘Next Pope’. Well we have the next pope now.

I am exploring other pastures now. Already started. The rest of 2013 will be mainly non-pope work. All those blogs, and I am talking about 6 of them, are not hosted directly with WordPress at WordPress.com.

But, I still have a ton of stuff with GoDaddy.


Alton School Board Member Mixes Up The Local Newspapers.


  Anura Guruge

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Click to access today’s, i.e., March 13, 2013, issue of the ‘Laconia Daily Sun’ with this letter’.

The above appeared in the letter section of today’s, i.e., Wednesday, March 13, 2013, the ‘Laconia Daily Sun‘.

I was kind of taken back to be told that ‘edition of this paper by Tim Croes‘.

Tim Croes does NOT work for that paper, i.e., the ‘Laconia Daily Sun’.

Tim is with ‘The Baysider’. Trust me. He was with The Baysider last night. As it happened I met both Tim and Josh (the editor of The Baysider) yesterday evening, together. Tim is with The Baysider.

So not sure what this is about.

Barnstead, To Their Credit, Is Celebrating ‘Pi Day’. Alton Is Not Even Having A ‘Pie Day’. They Are Having Nachos. No Kidding.


  Anura Guruge

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Tomorrow, 3.14, i.e., March 14 (3/14) is World ∏ Day.

Many school districts exploit it as a good excuse to revel in the sheer sensual pleasure of mathematics.

I was delighted to see that Barnstead is doing so. Kudos, Barnstead.

Not so Alton. I had at least hoped that Alton might make it Pie Day. Not even that. We checked, printed timetable and online. No mention.

But, then again, Alton probably doesn’t have to celebrate math.

I went and just checked to make sure. Alton’s much vaunted Prospect Mountain High School (PMHS). 44% of Juniors proficient in Math in the NECAP testing! Is that good? They probably should be treated to pies. Lots of them.

Click to access the February 28, 2013 'The Baysider' to read the original article.

Click to access the February 28, 2013 ‘The Baysider’ to read the original article.

C’est la vie.