I Am Done With Popes! The ‘Next Pope’ Was My Gig And We Have The Next Pope. Moving On. Signed Off From Papal Blogs.


Anura Guruge

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The popes were never going to be my life’s work. Plus, even with all I did on popes over the last 8 years, my legacy, per the indelible trail on the Web, will be ‘SNA‘! That is OK. If not for SNA I could not have done the popes.

So, I have quiesced my two pope blogs with this post.

With luck, I hope to master at least one other field before I die. Right now my sights are on ‘Near Earth Objects‘ (NEOs). There is so much happening out there. Actually I have been working on NEOs for the last 16 months. I have two books, both 90(+)% complete. Very unlike me. I usually finish books. So, I have to finish one of these. Otherwise it would be 16 months of writing, mainly during my 3rd shift, down the drain. IF I manage to get at least one of them out, it will be my second book on astronomy.

Baccus, my type of deity.

My son is very anxious that I write a book on ‘befriending the brain‘. I need to do that. I also need to write a book that has his name on the title. He, rightly, claims that that is his due since Teischan and Devanee both have books with their names in the title. I also better do one of Danielle, my oldest — though, she, all her life, has been the least demanding.

Deanna wants me to write on what I am now thinking as the ‘Bacchus Way Of Life Per Anura‘ — the virtues of a glass or red wine and an orgasm a day. Other than for his looks, I have always, since I was a teenager, identified with Bacchus. There are terms that are used to describe him, which are so me: ‘ritual madness and ecstasy‘ & ‘from the east, as an Asiatic foreigner‘. There is another, that is so me, but I can’t mention it here because Deanna will say it is not appropriate. To be fair, I have been saying that I was going to write this book for over 6 years. So that is on the list.

I really feel that I need to rationalize Buddhism to the world! There are so many misrepresentations. So now that I tackled the popes, Buddhism seems like a logical thing to turn to — especially given that I was once steeped in it, whereas I really have no real background with Catholicism.

So that is the plan. But, it can all change. I no better than to have plans. Most of my plans unravel.

All I know is that as of today, Pope Francis day one, after having done 4 or 5 posts earlier in the day, to keep them honest, I am done with popes — at least for 2013. There is, however, one caveat. If there is another sede vacante in 2013, i.e., the need for a third pope in the year, I am sure to jump in with both feet because I will find it impossible to stay away.

Two Buddha statues from Ceylon/Sri Lanka.

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