Me On ‘Google News’ Update, Since This Is For Posterity.


Anura Guruge

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March 14, 2013.

I have had more interviews, Thursday and Friday, March 14 & 15, post the election of the pope. Canada’s ‘Global News’ that featured me quite a bit this past week had another article quoting me at the start. I did my first real press interview in 1983 when my first book, ‘SNA: Theory and Practice‘, came out. Since then I have realized the obvious advantageous of striking a rapport with reporters. They have a hard job. They are continually facing dead-lines. They don’t have much time to do all they have to do. IF you are nice to them and help them out, they invariably give you ‘star’ billing. So, I have had 30 years to work on this.

I had my second interview with ‘The Citizen’, from Laconia, yesterday, at home, at 4pm. Same reporter as last time. John Koziol. As I said then, he humbles me. A very impressive writer. It was an uplifting interview. He knows how to ask questions to draw the subject out. That is fun. Keep me on my toes. I am on the front page, right at the top, of ‘The Citizen’ today. This is what makes John so amazing. He didn’t leave here till 5:30 pm. But he still filed the story. Impressive.

So here is Google news today, March 16, 2013 — if you bang in ‘Anura Guruge’.

This is for the grand kids, if I get any.

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

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