‘Resident Power’ Handing Us Back To PSNH Cost Us Money. Not Happy.


Anura Guruge

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So I finally got around to looking at my bill yesterday.

I am not amused.

Resident Power/PNE dropped us on February 18, 2013 — though we didn’t get notified about this till Feb. 20.

The 5 days in just that billing cycle that I got power from PSNH cost me a bundle.

Worse still, though I successfully switched to ENH that very same day, i.e. February 20, ENH will only become my supplier as of tomorrow.

I am not happy. I had a CONTRACT with ‘Resident Power’. They are in violation of that contract. Shame on them.

You can see how this all worked out on my bill.

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.



Well from where I sit, as an ex-Resident Power customer, there are no ‘ifs and buts’. I got screwed by Resident Power.

If they had any honor they will pay for the additional PSNH charges I incurred — because I had a contract with them to supply power to me and they reneged on that. Shame on them.

Yes, I am now with ENH at 0.07284/kWh which is cheaper than what Resident Power was charging me. But, I think it is only a 6 month rate.

I hope ENH proves to be more reliable and credible than Resident Power.

Full Disclosure: Since this whole fiasco I had talked with, and even met, with Resident Power founder and Managing Director, Bartholomew Fromuth. Very nice guy. Very likeable. But, that doesn’t excuse the fact that his company let me down.

Yes, I am not happy.

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