‘Krazy Kids’ Indoor Play Center In Concord, NH. It is ‘OK’. Nothing To Write Home About. Tad Underwhelmed.


Anura Guruge


Friday was Teischan’s 7th birthday. I, much to Deanna’s chagrin, insist that birthdays are celebrated on the birth day rather than on another day more convenient to all. A birthday is supposed to be the day you were born. Yes, by all means you can celebrate a ‘birthday’ on another day — but that other day is not the birthday. This was a lesson I learned from one of my uncle’s — the doctor. He was very particular about this. Your birthday was your birthday. Every other day was not your birthday. On your birthday you could have the day off from school. Since he had delivered me and many of my cousins we took him as the authority on all things birth related.

Since she started going to school two years ago we had been doing large, 20+ kids, parties at the local community center. This year I told her that she couldn’t have a big party. though she is reading, I am not too happy with the progress she is making. She understood. If her reading improves she can again have a big party next year. So this year she was allowed to invite just three friends. Only two could make it on Friday afternoon and she was not interested in inviting another to make up the number. So it was just her and two kids plus Devanee and us.

Deanna found ‘Krazy Kids‘ in Concord on the Web. We had not been there and we didn’t check with anybody who had. Just went by what we saw on their Web site.

We were going to pick up the kids straight from school at 2:40 pm. On the invitation I had promised that we would provide McDonalds cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets, fries and apple pie for the kids to eat in the van. That we did. Had to make a second swing through McDonalds in Alton to get more drinks.

Click to ENLARGE. Kids suitably sated with McDonalds ‘food’. I per my new diet didn’t have anything.

To be fair ‘Krazy Kids‘ was OK. It just didn’t knock my socks off. Big climbing structure similar to what you find at McDonalds, though bigger. Inflatable jumpy things, slides and climbing things. The kids liked it. They had one specialty activity room. The laser game showed on their Web should have been in that room. Appears that they change the games every few months. Then they should also update their Web page.

The whole place seemed very much geared towards doing parties — especially birthday parties. 

It wasn’t crowded. That was good.

My biggest problem was that it was not uplifting. If anything it was a tad gloomy, at least to an adult. That 70% of the adults that were there were obese didn’t help.

Oh, it was $10 per kid, which I guess is ‘OK’.

It sure wasn’t ‘FunSpot‘ at Weirs. Not sure why we hadn’t thought of that. We have done birthdays there.

But to be fair it was OK. Kids had fun and that is all that matters. We were there for nearly two hours.

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

Click to ENLARGE.

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