The Very Best Of British Humor, Ingenuity & Cars In A Remarkable Ad by ‘Aston Martin’ For Their Used Cars.


Anura Guruge

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There times when I get so chuffed and relieved that I am a Brit. This is my humor. This is what I live for. Bravo. Made my day. I did not, alas, find this. Though Bentley, ever hopeful, sends me e-mails about their latest cars and promotions, alas Aston Martin ignores me — as they should. No, I couldn’t even afford a used Aston, though Devanee now has it in her mind that we are going to buy a used Bentley or Roller in the next few years. She lives in hope.

I never understood why ads like this are considered ‘not American’.

P.S., I do know that this ad. is a fake but that doesn’t detract from its British connotations. It would only work with a British car.

For the picture used in the ‘fake’ ad use this link.

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