Good Friday, March 29, 2013, Is A Holiday For Kids In Alton. I Am Glad. Happy Easter.


U.S. public holiday vs. those in the U.K. Click to ENLARGE.

Anura Guruge

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Good Friday, nor Easter Monday are public holidays in the U.S. — though the Stock Market is closed on Good Friday, which as far as I am concerned makes it a key holiday.

But, there is postal delivery, in theory, on Good Friday. It is not a general holiday in NH or for NH schools.

I have lived in 4 countries and the U.S. is the only one of those where Good Friday and Easter Monday are not holidays. Took me the longest time to get used to that. A four day holiday, at the start of Spring, with obligatory ham and chocolate, is a nice break for all.

I am glad that the Alton kids have Good Friday off. Nice touch. Yes, it is one of those handy ‘teacher conference‘ days. If I had my way they would have Monday off too. I can’t remember whether this happens in Alton each year.

But, this is good. Happy Easter.

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