David Eagle’s “Eagles Eye On The Sky”: Outstanding Astronomy Resource, Exceptional Human Being. Check It Out.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access David's amazing 'Eagles Eye On The Sky' Web resource.

Click to access David’s amazing ‘Eagles Eye On The Sky’ Web resource.

I, serendipitously, found David’s excellent work on the Web earlier this year.

When I realized that he was a fellow Brit, I contacted him and asked him for some help with my work. He immediately agreed and has been beyond wonderful. This is great. It restores ones faith in fellow humans, in this increasingly impersonal and insensitive Internet age.

Check out Dave’s work. You will not be disappointed. Plus, he is an excellent resource on up to date information on comets.

So, I grateful tip my hat to Dave and encourage you all to get to know his work.

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