“42” The Jackie Robinson Movie = The Answer To Life, The Universe & Everything Per “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. Coincidence?

Anura Guruge

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>> Google Doodle for Douglas Adams’ 61st Birthday — Mar. 10, 2013.

As I said in March when Google did that wonderful Doodle for his 61st birthday (if he were still alive) I am a HUGE fan of Douglas Adams. So, I have revelled in ’42’ as the ultimate answer. Since ‘6’ is my favorite number, I can relate to 42 since it is 6 x 7.

Though baseball is not ‘my game’, cricket my abiding passion, I do know of Jackie Robinson and the pivotal role he did play in U.S. history. Yes, I have watched at least one documentary. But, until this last week with all promotion for the upcoming movie ’42’, I was not aware that this was his number.

That got me thinking. Douglas was a polymath. He knew lots about a lot of things.

So, I am wondering, did Douglas know that ’42’ was the Jackie Robinson number?

If so that would be so, so NEAT. Classical Douglas. Hidden significance.

My theory is that Douglas did know and that is why he picked ’42’.

So, ’42’ it is. The ultimate answer to everything in life. I think Jackie Robinson would approve.

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