April 6, 2013 Update On ‘Resident Power’ & PNE Imprudence. NH Public Utilities Commission Lets Them Off Hook! Do NOT Cash The $9.50 Check.


Anura Guruge

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Click to access 'Fosters.com' article in full.

Click to access ‘Fosters.com’ article in full.

Typical NH — as the above article tries to point out. The ‘fat cats‘ always get away with it — imprudent business practices be damned.

Heads up. ‘Resident Power’ is trying to send us all a check for $9.50 as compensation, BUT if you cash that check you waiveany claims against PNE relating to the customer’s placement on default service”.

So, do NOT cash that check.

Send it back to them. Ideally write a friendly greeting on it and make sure you add some appropriate ‘perfume’ that reflects your amiability towards their noble gesture. $9.50. So generous. I guess I can see a class action suit brewing — which is funny because I said as much ‘day one’. They broke their contract with us. 

Now they are back trying to rustle up more suckers. Well I would rather pay PSNH $1 more per KwH than deal with these reprobates again. They gave the whole industry a black eye through their imprudent business practices. This was so uncalled for.

As for the PUC … What can you say. Look at all the folks that got screwed by Scott Farah of Financial Resources Mortgage (FRM). Well at least he is now in jail. 


4 thoughts on “April 6, 2013 Update On ‘Resident Power’ & PNE Imprudence. NH Public Utilities Commission Lets Them Off Hook! Do NOT Cash The $9.50 Check.

  1. Anonymous

    The $9.50 does not even cover the cost of that rounded upward bill that resulted from the crash of PNE .I saw an estimated bill that was 20% above what is should have been for the ensuing time I with PS&H .

  2. Carol

    I’ll be cashing my check. I don’t think I suffered much being transferred back to PSNH. I still had continuous electricity to my residence. I didn’t like that it happened…but Resident Power got me a new provider…and I’m back to being happy. Thank you PNE and Resident Power for the coffee and donuts I will get with my compensation . I mean how much do you think you’d make out from a class action suit…after all the lawyers are paid…$10? I’m all set.


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